YZJ-500E Ultra-high Pressure Hydraulic Tube Expand

YZJ-500E Ultra-high Pressure Hydraulic Tube Expand

Taizhou, China
Taizhou, China
Kevin CAO
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Basic Information

The series of Ultra-high Pressure Hydraulic Tube expander mainly consist of hydraulic system, tube expanding gun, tube expanding head, high pressure tube, control box, etc. The principle is powered by hydraulic pressure from the pipe expander. MAIN CHARACTERISTIC: 1. High strength phial casing tube has features of resistance to high pressure and better fatigue behavior. The average service life may be used more than 60 times of each. And it has obtained national patent. (ZL.99227566.0) 2. Portable pipe expanding gun has advantages of reasonable design, small volume and light weight. It has obtained national patent. (ZJ00219147.4) 3. Pipe expander head inserts into pipe hole, and it can quickly realize the precise localization of depth. 4. Pipe expander is very efficient and linked reliably. It has no mechanical damage. The tube does not producing axial elongation. And the stress corrosion is low. 5. Tube expander pressure of every joint is effective for setting. The pressure appears in the controlled. 6. The service life of expanding bar is long enough to ensure thousands of expanding. Strength expanding of each tube is at least 1000times. It has obtained national patent. (LZ.200510038608.4) 7. Expanding carbon steel, stainless steel, cuprum, titanium-alloy steel and metal materials. 8. Processing accuracy requirement is low for inner hole of tube. And the allowable error of expanding is ± 0.5mm. 9. There is no effect on welding procedure for tube before and after expanded joint. 10. There is temperature control facilities available for ultra-low temperature working environment. 11. It can satisfy the demand of deep-hole expanding and reach 6-8m. 12. Pumping mechanism reduces auxiliary time of expanded joint technology and increase the service life of liquid bag casing. 13.There is a complete intelligent controller system that can achieve digital presentation. And it is easy to operate. SPECIFICATION AND INDEX: MODEL:YZJ-500E MAXIMUM RELATED PRESSURE:500MPa EXPANDING SPEED: <25S INNER HOLE:> Φ5MM TUBE WALL THICKNESS: <5MM EXPANDING LENGTH: 12MM-1000MM DEEP HOLE EXPANSION: 8M WEIGHT OF PIPE EXPADING GUN: 15KG EXPANDING MEDIUM: Water Purification AIR PRESSURE:1MPa FLOW: 1m3/min VOLTAGE: 220V/50HZ INPUT POWER: 50W CONTROL SYSTEM: Electronic Modular, Single Chinp Microcomputer, Digital Display, Configurable Print Records, Language Prompt System, Remote Control System WORKING TEMPERATURE: -20oC 40oC SIZE: 1000*850*750(mm) WEIGHT: 150kg

Delivery terms and packaging

Unfortunately the seller did not specify the terms of delivery. For more information, contact the seller.

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