Yeast cell wall feed additive

Yeast cell wall feed additive

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Basic Information

Feed grade yeast cell wall is a new effective immuno enhancer for animals. With advanced cell broken technology and enzyme engineering technology, we selects the best edible yeast strain, breaks it up and collects these cell walls, removes impurities and bitter substances from cell walls, and further process to gain finished products. ZZ-Mos incorporates two kinds of potent ingredients: Mannan-Oligosaccharide (Mos) and Beta- Glucan. These two potent immuno activators can promote the development of immune organs, enhance animals immune resistance, and have a good effect on disease prevention, disease treatment and health care. How to work and benefits 1. Stimulate and enhance immunity. 2.Maintain balance of intestinal microorganism and control disease. 3.Adsorb harmful substances and reduce toxic action. 4. Prevents certain pathogens from attaching to the intestinal tract epithelium. 5.Exhibits a prebiotic like effect that influences cecal microflora. 6. Enhances immune system and function. 7. Adsorbs pathogens and mycotoxins in digestive tract. 8.Increases feed intake, production performances and overall health of the animals. 9.Improves meat, milk and egg quality by reducing antibiotic and mycotoxin residues. 10. Low application rate due to vast surface area of contact for pathogens and mycotoxins. 11. Unaffected by high temperature pelleting, expander and extruder. Stability in wide PH range. Good mobility and suitable for all kinds of feed processing technology. 12. No drug resistance, no residue, pollution-free and non-toxic no-side effect, pure natural green feed additive. 13. No antagonism with other drugs and feed additives. 14. Natural product with no withdrawal period prior to slaughter. Guaranteed ingredient analysis Extracts of yeast cell wall: 100%; Beta-Glucan above 20%; Mos above 20%; Protein below 35% Dairy, Beef Cattle and Calves: 1. Produces stronger, healthier calves that wean earlier. 2. Promotes a more efficient intestinal microflora population and better FCR and ADG. 3. Improves calf health: reduction in scour, septicemia and pneumonia. 4. Lower SCC (Somatic Cell Counts) milk contains more casein, the primary cheese protein, will get better price. Broiler and Layer: 1. Increases feed intake, production performance and overall health of the animals. 2. Reduction in pathogen proliferation: ZZ-Mos contains viable yeast cells and beneficial lactic acid-producing bacteria, thus reduces the proliferation of pathogenic bacteria in the intestinal tract of broiler. This reduces the risk of infection by opportunistic bacteria like Clostridium perfringens, Salmonella typhimurium and E.coli. ZZ-Mos significantly improves weight gain and broilers reach market weight sooner. Piglet: 1.Benefit from the positive microbial environment created by their mother consuming ZZ-Mos 2.Reducing diarrhea caused by diet change and pathogens 3.Less wet litter and higher birth weight. Heavier pigs at weaning 4. Mortality rate is reduced , better survival rate and livability Grower/Finisher: 1. Achieves market weight faster and more efficiently. 2. Pig can better resist the daily stress and lower mortality. 3. Decreases reliance on antibiotics to enhance growth. 4. As the use of antibiotic is prohibited prior to slaughter, ZZ-Mos is the best alternative. Gestating Sow: 1. Rapid recovery from infection. 2. Sows in better conditions at end of gestation. 3. Increase in the number of born alive and weaned piglets. Lactating Sow: 1. Increases the weaning weight of litters suckling during the feeding of ZZ-Mos. 2. Cost of maintaining farrowing sows is reduced due to less medical cost. Aquatic Animal feed: 1.Enhance immune cells phagocytic function;2.Improve function of detoxication and elimination of toxicant;3.Improve fish and shrimp immunity;4.Improve feed conversion rate and reproductive performance;5.Improve emergence rate and survival rate of fish and shrimp;6.Balance intestinal microecologypromote the health of fish and shrimp.MOQ:5MT,By L/C or T/T in advance,delivery time 20-30 days.

Delivery terms and packaging

Packaging Detail: 25KG/Bagor 20KG/Carton(5kg/Vacuum bag,4bags/carton) Delivery Detail: 25 days
Port: FOB Shanghai port,China

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