The complete machines making from web (paper roll)

The complete machines making from web (paper roll)

Shanghai, China
Shanghai, China
Lotus Peng
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1.5 Players corrugated cordbord prodction line 2. Single facer 3. RE-Face machine 4. The gluing machine 5. Thin-blade pressing machine 6. High speed automatic four colours printing slotting and die cutting machine 7. Semi-automatic three colours printing slotting machine 8. Two colours printing machine 9. Rotary die cutting machine 10. 4 link blade score 11. Automatic high speed 12. Semi-automatic slotter 13. The gluing machine 14. The stitching machine I. Porcess: --buy web --use single face machine making single paper (1) --use RE-FACE MACHINE (2) laminate another single face paper to the first single paper, becoming corrugated cardboard --use Thin-blade Separating and Trace Pressing Machine (3) to Cut the cardboard into the needed size --use printing and grooving machine (4) to print and shape the finished paper cardboard --nailing machine (5)Particles will be discharged from the lower outlet. II. Machine 1.single face corrugated machine 2. One-side corrugated cardboard machine This line is a special equipment to produce one-side corrugated paperboard by corrugating the web, automatic gluing, pressure adhering and cutting. The type of flute is designed according to the international standard. Combine the international advanced structure, the line is characterized by its reasonable structure, new appearance, advanced technology, convenient operation, low energy- consumption and small floor space, suitable for small-medium package and color corrugated case production. SPECIFICATGATIONS Model DW-1600 Max.width of paper used 1600mm Type of flute UV/A.B.C.E Mechanical speed 0-30m/min Heating method electricity, steam, coal, gas Cross cut length range 250-1500mm Slitting width range 350-2000mm Total power 38kw Weight 8000kw 3. QDF1300 RE-FACE MACHINE It mainly use gluing for corrugated cardboard ,paperboard and colour printing face paper then becoming a new cardboard. It is used for food, drink, home electronic equipment,light industry, weave gift packing industrial. Technical parameters: Model Max spec. Min spec. Speed Power supply Dimention Weight QDF-1300 1250×1000M 350×400mm 0-50m/min 380v/kw 9300×1600×1200 3500kg 4. SBF Series Thin-blade Separating and Trace Pressing Machine It’s mainly used to cut cardboard paper and make line.Features: The machine is driven by stepless motor and its power is transmitted synchronically with gears and sprocket wheels. It is featured with low noise, smooth drive and easy adjustment of breadth. The paper separating blade is made of 1.2mm high-strength alloy and feeding rollers are made of rubber that leave no marks on paper. The machine is error-free in paper separating and good at saving electricity with lower power rate. Equipped with auto and manual blade milling unit, the machine can ensure smooth edges of the paper and non shrunken corrugations and is recognized as the ideal equipment for carbon box and packing industries.5. Semi-automatic ZSYC-D phase modulation four knives gear printing and slotting machine. FeaturesPaper feeding Automation chain paper feedThe prop fixes position, ensures that paper feed is accurate. Automatic counting. Printing Planetary transmission and electrical positioning. 360-degreeadjustment in both dynamic and static conditionThe embossing rollers get apart from printing template once machine stops.The upper ink roller is equipped with load-free system that prevents ink from getting dried when machine is running.Colors of 1 to 4 can be combined easilyThe pneumatic provides ink circulatory system from attracting styleTop-quality paper separating and grooving blades are usedPrinting plate device printing a roller pretending to have a fleetness to hangStep pedal is sued to control the side of printing plate when in mounting and dismountingSlotting360-degree adjustment of grooving position. Integrated movement of the four grooving blades.Top-quality steel blades are used to guarantee smoothness in grooving.Gear wheel 45 # steel forging , pure fire of high frequencyTransmission gears are joined together with no bonds, which ensures long-term printing precision.Dip-in lubrication guarantees long life.Electrical shit technology and pneumatic interlock is used on printing section and grooving section.Imported electrical appliances and bearings are used.6. Stapler Features: 1. Applicable for various corrugated paper box, high speed and high efficiency. 2. Single or double stapling are both available. 3. The product made by this machine as below:

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Port: Shanghai

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