Special Flywheel Balancing machinery

Special Flywheel Balancing machinery

Chongqing, China
Chongqing, China
Qingjuan Zeng
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Description of goods: 1, the basic principle First, the gasoline engine flywheel balancing machine parts installed, cover the security guard to open the power switch, by connecting the computer-controlled motor is running, specifically Piezoelectric vibration sensor device status feedback to the computer running, balancing the use of special analysis software to detect unbalance. At the same time, CNC test The device will automatically detect the ignition advance angle and the flywheel magnet flux density. 2, Introduction The equipment consists mainly of vertical dynamic balancing machine base, balancing spindle, piezoelectric sensors, Hall sensors, proximity switches, AC servo motor and drive Servo motor motion control card, balancing conditioning circuit and interface circuitry (amplification, filtering, A / D, I / O, interface, conversion, etc.), Tesla meter design and PC control Computer etc.. Specifically developed for the gasoline engine flywheel testing special detection device, can simultaneously measure dynamic balance flywheel, ignition advance angle and magnet Magnetic flux density. According to the relevant national or industry standard (or user-defined criteria), automatically qualified to judge whether the test parameters. Measurement results can be output To the host computer, into the enterprise information management system. 3, performance characteristics, the main function 1, the device can detect these applications, the machine offers 28 kinds of parts of the dynamic balance flywheel, ignition advance angle and the magnetic flux density in the middle of three components; 2, can be measured workpiece diameter: 200mm, workpiece weight range: 0.5 10Kg; 3, up to the remaining balance measuring the minimum amount of unbalance: ≤ 5g (cylindrical radius on the flywheel); for the first time to reduce the amount of unbalance rate (URR) ≤ 90%; 4, to complete a single magnet and two pairs of magnetic detection of flywheel ignition advance angle. Ignition advance angle of deviation allowed range determined by the user or test; 5, magnetic flux density measuring range: 50 150mT, allowing the magnetic flux density error range determined by the user or test; 6, with the job status display, memory function, equipped with RS232 interface and communication with the network; 7, 28 kinds of flywheel to provide spare parts to meet the different requirements of all connected flywheel taper mandrel drawing (including 5:1 and 16:5 two taper), the specific system Number and variety made by both parties through consultation; 8, with special aerodynamic body parts up to ensure that the workpiece is very convenient out; 9, specifically increase the flywheel spindle eccentricity correction software to ensure accuracy after replacing mandrel; 10, the production efficiency can be guaranteed simultaneously detect more than three items to complete the cycle does not exceed 30 seconds.1.single balance test (for the thickness of the rotor diameter greater than); 2. Double balance test (for less than the thickness of the rotor diameter); 3. measurements showed velocity, displacement RMS; 4. show frequency rotor vibration transfer and 2,3, ... ... 10 harmonic amplitude; 5. show accurate rotor revolutions per minute; 6. provide increased correction method and digital correction method of software, including "a balance disc and digital correction method" patent results; 7. menu operation, the progress of tips; 8. balance test data storage, providing statements to print output interface (U disk); (The specific content and format of user requirements can be specifically provided). 4, technical parameters 1. effective vibration signal frequency: 10Hz 1000Hz; 2. velocity measurement range: 0.01mm / s 200mm / s; 3. vibration displacement measuring range: 0.1-micron to 2000 microns; 4. speed measuring range: 300r/min 20000r/min; 5. Power: 220V ± 15V.

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