solar aviation obstruction lights

solar aviation obstruction lights

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Shanghai, China
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1000 Set
Shanghai, China
Rosson Jiang
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Basic Information

THZ-70A / B air solar power flash light barriers are from high-performance solar panels, efficient low-temperature component maintenance-free battery-powered systems to low power, ultra-high-brightness long-life LED light-emitting diodes as a light source, through the control of low power integrated circuit ( electronic devices for the military component class), so that charge during the day, night shining, part of the use of battery power supply overcharge protection circuit and over-release to ensure that the battery status to work in the normal, extended battery life, and in continuous rain 10 days or more days of work. THZ-70A / B air solar power lights flash the main obstacle for the high reliability requirements of the occasion, such as airports, routes and high-rise building on Tower. The lamp by two entirely independent systems 1 1 Preparation of the main light, typically the main lights shining at night, when the main light damage to automatically back-up lights start flashing. Type: THZ-70A / B Control mode: light control, automatic gate Flash frequency: 20 60 times / min adjustable Light Source Life: 100,000 hours Effective light intensity: "1600cd Power supply: solar cells and low temperature maintenance-free battery Working voltage: DC12V Battery capacity: 12V/12Ah solar cells: 10W The use of ambient temperature: -40 º C 70 º C Dimensions: High 300mm, width 280mm, high 500mm chassis size: 180mm \ Day won 4 holes × 12mm \ Distance 150mm Weight: 9Kg Three installation methods: By the bottom four holes, with a fixed bolt M10X40 Fourth, the use of methods: 1, installed before the switch to open position on hit. Solar power installation rectangular plate so that the face of the sun, solar power lights will receive full sunlight on the place. 2, if the lights do not light or weak light, solar power may be too light on the four hours under the sun exposure can be shiny. 3, if the long time preservation, solar power lights should be on the dry and low humidity of the place, every three months will be on solar power lights out for three days under sunlight irradiation.

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