Sodium Hyaluronate Raw Material (Cosmetic Grade)

Sodium Hyaluronate Raw Material (Cosmetic Grade)

Shijiazhuang, China
Production capacity:
100 Kilogram / Week
Shijiazhuang, China
Liyong Wang
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Basic Information

Its functions are: 1. Function of Moisture Holding The moisture holding function of sodium hyaluronate in the skin tissues is one of its important physiological functions, which makes the skin soft, elastic, moistened and smooth and delicate. The sodium hyaluronate content in the skin would decrease gradually with age, which may cause that the cells arrange closely, the collagen hardens due to moisture loss, the skin is rough, loses the moisture, generates wrinkles, and loses elasticity. Use of the cosmetics containing sodium hyaluronate could supplement and hold moisture in skin, restore and maintain youth and luster of the skin. 2. Functions of Scavenging Free Radical and Sun Block The sodium hyaluronate in the epidermis could scavenge active oxygen free radical caused by irradiation of ultraviolet rays in the sunlight and prevent the skin from being injured, which is called high-efficiency sweeper of free radical. Meanwhile, the skin would be regenerated and repaired. Use the sodium hyaluronate in advance could also have preventive functions. 3. Lubricity and Film-forming Property The sodium hyaluronate belongs to macromolecular polymer, which has high lubricity and film-forming property. When applying, it feels lubricant and the hand feel is good. It has lubricant and protective functions. When the sodium hyaluronate acts on the skin, the macromolecular sodium hyaluronate could form a ventilated thin film on the skin surface, which makes the skin moistened and smooth and could prevent the foreign bacteria, dusts and invasion of ultraviolet rays so as to protect the skin from being injured. The small molecular sodium hyaluronate could permeate through the dermis, which could dilate blood capillary slightly, increase blood circulation, improve intermediary metabolism and promote nutrient absorption of the skin and make the skin plump, having functions of smoothing away wrinkles, increasing elasticity of the skin and delaying skin aging. 4. Anti-wrinkle Function: moisture level of the skin is closely related to content of sodium hyaluronate. HA content in the skin reduces with age, so the moisture holding capacity of the skin weakens and the wrinkles occur. Aqueous solution of sodium hyaluronate has higher viscoelasticity and lubricity, after being applied on the skin surface, a moisture-holding and ventilated film would form to maintain moisture and luster of the skin. The small molecular sodium hyaluronate, which could permeate through the dermis, promoting blood circulation, is helpful to nutrient absorption of the skin, and plays cosmetic and anti-wrinkle roles. 5. Repair and prevention of skin injury: the sodium hyraluronate could accelerate skin regeneration in the injured part by promoting proliferation and differentiation of epidermal cells. The sodium hyraluronate is natural biomolecule widely existing in the skin and other tissues, which is called the ideal natural moisturizing factor worldwide due to its perfect moisture holding function. At present, it is the substance with the best moisture holding property used in cosmetics discovered in nature. The sodium hyraluronate could also promote proliferation and differentiation of epidermal cells, scavenge free radical, prevent and repair skin injury. It is indispensable natural moisturizing component in high-class cosmetics, which has good compatibility, could be added to any cosmetics, and is widely used in cosmetics like cream, skin milk, lotion, essence, facial cleanser, bath lotion, shampoo and hair extension agents, moussse, and lipstick, and it is widely applied to moisturizing, anti-aging, sun block, trauma care, hair-glitter, and hair conditioner as well. The aqueous solution of sodium hyaluronate has high viscoelasticity, which could thicken the aqueous phase, and the paste formed by emulsification with oil phase is uniform and fine and smooth, so it also has function of stabilizing emulsification. Technical Indexes of Sodium Hyaluronate (Cosmetic Grade) Character:It is white powder or grains, and odorless with hygroscopicity. It dissolves into colorless and transparent solution after swelling in water. It is insoluble in ethanol, chloroform, ether and other organic solvents.Identification:(1) The infra-red reference spectra of the product are consistent with reference substance. (2) The product should show the identification reaction of sodium salt.Content of Glucuronic Acid:≥45%Molecular Weight:>1.0*106PH Value:6.07.5 (internal control 6.37.3)Clarity:The transmittance is greater than 99%Loss on Drying:≤8%Content of Protein:≤0.05%Kinematic Viscosity:Measured mm2/sHeavy Metal:<20ppmTotal Bacteria Counts:<10 bacteria / gTotal Mould and Saccharomycetes Counts:<10 mould and saccharomycetes /gStaphylococcus Aureus:NegativePseudomonas Aeruginosa:NegativeStorage:Sealed and be in dry and cool placePackage:The package is made according to customers requirements

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