Soda 108 milk type feed flavour(feed additive)

Soda 108 milk type feed flavour(feed additive)

Chongqing, China
Production capacity:
1000 Ton / Month
Chongqing, China
Hongmei Zhang
Contact person

Basic Information

Sida 108 milk type feed flavour1.Characteristic & Function :1.1Colorandproperties:whitepowder 1.2Puremilkaroma:Thearomaistheperfectcombinationofultravanilandzymoticmilkbase,itmakethearomamorenatural. 1.3 Highintensity: Theintensityis10000timesasthenaturalmilkaroma.Weusethemoderntechniquetostabilizethearoma,andavoidthe unpleasantandthrillwhichwasmadebyhighintensityoffeedflavor,it'sstillremainsoftandpleasantaromainhightemperature. 1.4 Longlastingaroma: Thearomalastsabove90dayswhenourproductisaddedtofeed.Anditapprovedbyparallelsamplesexperiment. 1.5 Strongstability: Nochangeinheadbodyandendaromafromfeedflavortoaromatizingproduct,andgoodcoherenceofaromatypeinfromfeed flavortoaromatizingproduct. 1.6 Superiorcomparisonbetweenfunctionandprice: Adding1%--2%pertonincompletefeedproduction.Usingthelowestcosttogetthebestaromatizingeffect. 1.7 Goodintensityofsweetness,150timessweeterthansugarperkilogram,itcanreducetheamountofsweettasteflavoring,andcreate 1.8 morevalueforourclients.Thisproductisinstrictconformitywiththerelevanthygienicstandards.2.Maint Ingredients: ethylbutyrate,ethyl lactate, amyl butyrate, vanillin,ethyl vanillin,natural milk base. 3.Ingredientsconcentrationguaranteed:ethylbutyrate≥2%, ethyl lactate≥3%,amyl butyrate≥1%, vanillin≥5% ethyl vanillin2%4.Recommended adding amount: 100g200g/t(Addingamountcanbechangedslightlyaccordingtothedifferenceoffeedmaterials)5.Net weight: 1kg/bag, error≤10g 6.Manufacture date: In the seal7.Period of quality guaranteed: within 24 months.8.Storage conditions: kept in cool ,dry and odorless place..

Delivery terms and packaging

Unfortunately the seller did not specify the terms of delivery. For more information, contact the seller.

Payment term

Letter of credit

Telegraphic transfer


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