mixed flow blower

mixed flow blower

Yuanyuan Song
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model SWF-I,II Mixed-Flow ventilator is a novel and intermediate fan between axial-flow fan and centrifugal fan.it absorbs the advantages from both fans.its wind pressure is higher than the same machine number axial-flow fan and flow larger than the same machine number centrifugal fan.it hasthe advantages such as wide and effective operational zone,high effciency etc.This fan has been designed into the straighe connection drive between motor and paddle-wheel with compact structure.Under the circumstances of equak wind pressure and flow,it has smaller bulk compared with axial-flow fan or centrifugal fan with little covering space.it can directly link with air tube.it can slso be vertically or horizontally erected or wallmounted,or installed in the support frame.it has the characteristics such an convenient installation;operation;repair&maintenance and so on.it is 2-3dB(A)lower than Anoise level on condition of the equal wind pressure and wind volume.it can obtain high flow and wind pressure with the condition of low rotating speed. This fan is widely applicable for the ventilation and exhaust system in the office building,hotel,large-size high-grade civil purpose architectures etc.it can also be used for vectlilation and air-exchange in the mining and industrial enterprises such an freezing house,textile and so on in order to replace for the low-pressure centrifugal fan or high-pressure axial-flow fan with no need to install large amounts of the noise blanking facilities. SWF-II MachineNo.two-speed motor(KW)Speed (r/min)Volume (m3/h)Total Pressure (Pa)Noise dB(A)4.55.5/4.529009169-7124672-1298≤8014504728-3160182-306≤7355.5/4.5290013110-9876801-1316≤8314508652-4896196-382≤775.58/6.5290016820-12264824-1338≤8414509126-6925258-385≤7868/6.5290019230-15210836-1365≤85145011625-7560165-382≤796.58/6.5145025124-18672524-1038≤8296016582-12323230-457≤742.8/2.2145015064-9425282-418≤809609941-6220124-184≤71711/9145031380-24820608-1208≤8396020710-16381268-532≤752.8/2.2145018800-11780329-470≤8196012050-7775124-206≤737.511/9145030627-23422712-1236≤8696020214-15458313-544≤794/3145022538-14136378-542≤8296014875-9392166-238≤76811/9145041256-16269560-985≤9196025467-16269193-516≤828.214/11145046066-30862539-988≤9196030449-21095236-452≤84916/13145056666-38916644-1206≤9296034206-22011282-564≤866/4.596034206-22011282-564≤8672025654-16508164-327≤78

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