metal composite panel line

metal composite panel line

Suzhou, China
Suzhou, China
jian gu
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Place of Origin Jiangsu China (Mainland)
Brand Name X-MAXGO
Model Number X-MAXGO1500
Function Anti-Static
Surface Treatment PVDF Coated
Usage Indoor
composite panelWith in-depth knowledge of composite technology, our company paying much energy, time and manpower for technique innovation to develop MAXGOFH1500 Metal composite panel production line. This development has good appearance and stable function ,easily to operate and in line with the market.The new composite metal panel is compouned with stainless steel, copper, aluminum panels etc and other low-cost metals through a special process. Composite metal panel maintains the excellence characteristic of the traditional stainless steel,copper,aluminum panel ,through the middle of low-carbon steel products to enhance the products’ machining function,but also has other features: good vibration, denoise ,saving precious metal resources and protection environmental . Also it has good solderability , moldability and drawability as stainless steel, copper, aluminum panels. The new composite metal panel needn’t chemical plating and in line with the state's non-ferrous metal production industry and the guiding principles for the building of the national conservation-minded society. Using it,the pruducts could directly replace stainless steel, copper and aluminum panel and greatly reduce the cost. Expect the unique characteristics, the cost of the production much lower than the stainless steel timber, copper, aluminum panels , with a strong price advantage and competitive edge in the market,represending the new development way of the stainless steel timber, copper, aluminum panels.This technology is the “viscose process ”of composite metal materials . It’s the most ideal and advanced composite technical skill at present. “viscose process ” applies to the connection of different materials, different thickness and various kinds of complex components replies on the characteristic : continuous distribution stress, light weight , low processing temperature, high fatigue resistance, sealability, thermal insulation, insulation, soundproofing and anti-corrosion.The technology of metal composite has a long history in eveloped countries and usde in industry fields of car , home appliances. Different cladding material and composite technology replace pure metal is the trend of the future. But this technology is on rise in china,especially the metal composite material used in construction industries is the first time.Introduction of Metal Composite Panel technology and range of applicationComposite metal panel can use thin stainless steel, copper, aluminum and other non-ferrous metal materials for the plane materiel and thick galvanized panel for the base material other metal materials can also be used for the base material, The two different Metal material and polymeric material are compouned to bimetal panel through physics -machinery process. The size of the metal composite panel is Max1200(1600)×L(L<6000).thickness is 0. 5MM-2. 0MM, applicable to produce all kinds of bimetal composite aluminum or stainless steel, copper materials such as window and door profile, anti-theft doors, elevators,handles, the guard-rails, street lamps, tubes or special-shaped material , as well as the shells of home appliances and office appliances and decorating materials.Introduction of Metal Composite Panel Process RoutingBasic put the material →wash---→compound by glue→cooling↑ put the material coil. →→stick protecting film---→cut panel---→blanking↓→wrapup

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