Loader wagon universal AMKODOR-352С-02.0003

Loader wagon universal AMKODOR-352С-02.0003

original price: 4 715 000 RUB
Minsk, Belarus
Minimal order:
1 Piece
Production capacity:
10 Piece / Month
Minsk, Belarus
+375 (29) 6640466
Геннадий Демьяненко
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Basic Information

Condition new
Type Кормораздатчик
Place of Origin Беларусь
Brand Name Амкодор
Model Number 352С-02.0003
After-sales Service Provided Overseas third-party support available
The universal loader AMKODOR 352С-02 is specially designed for use in agriculture and for the transport and compacting grass when laying on the storage of haylage and silage storage trench type, and perform a wide range of agricultural and construction purposes. Chassis with adapter "Amkodor-352С",designed to download treading silage pits. Compared to conventional loaders in it made special changes namely: 1. The standard A-352 a conventional wheel width 500 mm, diameter 1300 mm, and in A-352С width 750 , diameter 1620 mm. Made it so he didn't see was the increased ground clearance. With the weight of the forklift 14.5 tons specific pressure is 1.1. kg /cm sq,(for example "Kirovets" 1.07 kg/cm sq, in the conventional forklift A-352 or A-342В about 2 kg / cm sq) 2. Bucket 3.0 cubic meters 3. Changed gear ratio of the box and tractive effort increased by 20%, has ceased to warm the oil 4. The radiator has a fan with a larger diameter 5. Fitted mosquito net with a cell of 1.5 mm to protect from dust.The grid is removed and cleaned very quickly and easily 6.Changed the design of the doors of the hood for better airflow to the engine. 7. Set auto engine block heater for winter period, made in Russia, Samara 8.Installed the pneumatic swap and blow the radiator and tires (compressor + 2 receiver) to Suva dirt, silage or straw in tight areas 9.Optional system illuminating the work area, to work in the dark 10. The engine is high-capacity alternator and elektroustanovok engine 11. Pre cleaner air filter "Donaldson", is used to remove debris from the filters. By installing these predicatively in peat's 342Р changing air filters, cleaning was done every two weeks, previously it was every two days 12. Wider fenders to protect from dirt 13. Ladder with rubber suspension to prevent damage during treading silage 14. The presence of hydrocortisol Performance 1.5 times higher than that of "Kirovtsa" due to the presence of the reverse Reduced fuel consumption, respectively. Carrying capacity, kg 4 800 Device for quick change of the working bodies of the Hydraulic Room main bucket 352С.45.01.010 Main bucket capacity, m3 3 The width of the cutting edge of the bucket, mm 2 800 Unloading height, mm 3 000 The departure edge of the bucket, mm 1 150 Turning radius, mm 6 300 Vylivnoi force kN 130 Static tipping load in the folded (±40°) position, kN 96 Tires 28LR26 Transmission Hydromechanical Engine: Diesel D-260.9 Rated power 132 kW (180 HP) at 2100 rpm The speed of movement, forward/backward, km/h: 1-I 6/6 2 10.6/ 19.2 3 20.2/- 4-I 35/- Bridges: the swing Angle of the rear axle, ° ±8 A limited slip differential Brake system: braking system Multidisk brakes in "oil" in wheel hubs with hydraulic split drive on bridges Parking and emergency brake system Dry single-plate brake mechanism with spring compression and hydraulic brakes Steering: Articulated frame with hydraulic drive and hydraulic feedback, emergency pump driven by the drive wheels Hydraulic system type: double pumping with a priority valve for steering Type of valve: 4 sections, with direct hydraulic control Time hydraulic cycle with: the rise 5.9 unloading 1.4 the lowering of 4.0 Dimensions: Length in transport position with basic bucket, mm 7 700 Width of bucket 800 mm 2 Width at wheels, mm 2 800 The height of the roof of a cabin, mm 3 500 Operating weight, kg 14 300 Interchangeable attachments for an additional fee : Gripper rolls 332С.45.31.000 The blade is V-shaped snow 332С.45.61.000 Tow hitch 332С.45.92.000 Fork rolls 332С.52.00.000 Boom telescopic 332С.54.00.000 Gripper rolls 332С.62.

Delivery terms and packaging

Unfortunately the seller did not specify the terms of delivery. For more information, contact the seller.

Payment term

Telegraphic transfer


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