kongming sky lantern

kongming sky lantern

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Weifang, China
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Weifang, China
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Basic Information

Sky Lantern Origin:Sky Lantern is also called sky lanterns, according to legend by the time of the Three Kingdoms Zhuge Kong Ming (or Zhuge Liang) of the invention. At that time, Sima Yi, Zhuge Kong Ming was under siege in the HinataNot to send troops out of the city for help. Ming considered quasi-wind direction, will be made of paper floating lanterns, the department's help message, then turned out of danger, so future generationsTo call this lantern as the Sky Lantern. Another argument is that Zhuge Kong Ming lantern looks like a hat, hence the name.Sky Lantern released more modern use as a blessing. Young and old hand-written wish of blessing, a symbol of harvest success and happiness every year.Sky Lantern Structure Sky Lanterns The stent structure can be divided into two main parts, the main compiled mostly in the bamboo, sub-use tissue paper or with paper into a lampshade, the bottom bracket ZeyiBamboo whittled the composition of the grate. Updating and can vary circular can also be rectangular. A general updating and is used bamboo frame into a barrel-shaped, the outside with thin whiteThick surrounded the opening of paper down.For lighting off when, in the middle of the bottom bracket tie a kerosene or peanut oil stained with a coarse cloth or gold paper, flying before the oil light, light within the Resulting from a burst of fire burning hot air, updating and will be expanding slowly let go and fly off after the Lantern Festival, if the weather is good, the bottom of kerosene burnedExhausted Sky Lanterns will automatically fall.FlyingChoose sunny windless night, one light at the end of Hold the left and right side, another person will be cotton wool soaked with alcohol after the fire, until the hands are holesLight there is an upward trend, that is, slowly release your hands, then slowly updating and launched into an increase of height of up to about 1000m. Wishing Lamp for use: 1. The solid fuel to the packaging and placed in cross wire in the side, then turned to iron out the fuel compression buckle. 2. Wishing lights at the top of one institute, one corner will be the fuel ignited. 3. Until sufficient heat within the lamp when the lanterns were let go at the top, turned to hold the lamp ring, a rising power to be let go when flying. Note: 1. Should choose open with no wind or breeze flying environment is strictly prohibited at gas stations, airports, timber, high-voltage power lines, tall buildings near the fire place so easy to produce flying. 2. Use only for the safety of fuel, is strictly prohibited to use other fuels to replace, so as not to themselves and others at risk. 3. Children accompanied by adults, need to use this product Notice: 1.Here we see next to no flame retardant paper and paper differences: Hope to buy flame-retardant paper. Or else have a great impact on safety. Likely to cause fire Burning flame can no paper. Only burned ash 2.Payment Terms: We only accept Escrow . For security reasons, we will only ship orders to the delivery address you confirmed with Escrow. 3.Shipping: 1.Terms of Shipment: Before ordering please contact us to confirm your preferred shipment method. Items are only shipped after payment is confirmed by Escrow. 2.Shipping Companies: We support shipment by "EMS" ,"UPS","DHL" and so on. If you need help selecting a fast and reliable shipping company, please contact us direct and we will do our best to help. 4..Return and Exchange If it is our mistakes of sending the wrong goods or goods itself doesn't satisfy your quality requirement, we promise to assume responsibility, you can ask for a refund or replacement cost by us. If because of your requirements for the return, and delivery fee by buyers themselves ,for all of the above situations, should contact us early so that we can arrange processing time All purchases must be returned or changed within 7 days of the receipt of purchase with valid proof of purchase and all tags attached. 5.Feedback: Customer satisfaction is very important to us. If you are satisfied with the items you ordered, please leave feedback. If you are not satisfied with the items you ordered, please contact us before leaving negative feedback. We can work together to resolve any dispute. 6.About us: Our company welcomes orders for the number of all kinds of small commodity wholesale, If you need to buy anything or what products, welcome interested to consult!

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Port: Qingdao

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