industrial furnace

industrial furnace

Shenyang, China
Production capacity:
5 Piece / Week
Shenyang, China
Xiaohui Guo
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Basic Information

SCR intermediate frequency powr supply Our supply equipment has won good reputation for its advanced technology and reliable performance ,The products include thyristor parallel load power supply and IGBTseries load power supply ,with the power ranging from 15kw to 8000kw , Load capacity ranges from 25kg to 12 tons , double power supply source is usually used under smelting condition , It can not only improve reliability in operation ,but effectively lover harmonic wave singular transformation to eliminate the power system interferenbce on network device ,Beside melting loas supplies,there are various special supplies , such as supplies for induction heating , vacuum smelting and high frequency surface heat treating . IGBTload acceptor resource power supply 1, Realize two -way supply , "one-drive two 'and machanical switch is not necessary 2, random power allocation to realize continuous production 3 ,constant power output ensures 100%utilization of power transformer power factor is always more than 0.95 and it is unnecessary to be equipped with complicated compensation system 4,electricity saved 10%-20%compared with SCRelectric furnace 5,No high frequency harmonic wave inferference brings no pollution to the network 6,Disturbance-resisting cable transmission is adopted 7,Multiplex defensive function 8,wide working frequency and is widely used inhear treatment techniques as smelting IGBT series power supply technical date 1 it can select double commutation struture from 2 Device electric efficiency is not lower than 0.97 3 Quenching, diathermanous and smelting loas can reach 100%rated output continuously sunning 4 Power factor is closed to 1.0 5 'one drive two' running mode 6,Electricity saved 10% Intermediate frequency no-core induction furnace Aluminum furnace: 1 rades capacity 0.15 -5tons 2 advance:low investment ,prompt effect ,easy to handle ,relible service steel furnace 1 rate capacity 2 -12tons 2 advanges ,field yoke built on the outside diameter of the induction coil makes itmore security , energy-saving and high-efficient ,there are advanced and reliable monitoring device for water-pressure , water -temperature and water flow , and also the run-out grounding protective device Induction heating Hign and intermediate frequency power supplies are widely used in hear treating techniques such as induction hearing , Our comopany has an all-around product line ,which covers hear treatment techniques as disthemanous ,jointing and quenching,We provide power supply system with power ranging from 15kw to 2000kw , frequency from 0.5to 100khz , and at the same time design heterotypic inductor and complete equipment to meet carious requirements , Well completed automatic control and detecting system can be provided as the user requires.

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