High-calorie barbecue charcoal

High-calorie barbecue charcoal

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Kunming, China
Kunming, China
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Basic Information

Place of Origin Yunnan China (Mainland)
Brand Name TianSheng
Model Number High temperature charcoal
Calory (J) 36000000
Ash Content (%) 5
Material Hard Wood
Application Barbecue (BBQ)
Shape Stick
Type Machine-Made Charcoal
1, raw: all use pine or hardwood sawdust, do not add coal and other chemical additives. 2, the extruded rods: the high temperature and pressure conditions, the machinery to produce high-density rods (density greater than 1.2 tons / cubic meter). Hexagonal or square, the middle hole. 3,the carbonization process: we carbonation process is unique. Developed by our own "electric dry distillation method" manufacturing sawdust charcoal. This approach and the "traditional kiln" compared with the following advantages: The first, the charcoal of high calorific value. Carbonization because in the fully closed state,refused entry into oxygen, providing heat carbonized by electricity, no burning charcoal. This is not only no loss of heat of charcoal, but due to adsorption electric energy, charcoal added heat. "Traditional Kiln" is to rely on a small amount of oxygen, oxygen combustion led to a lot of energy being burned. This charcoal has a large calorific value it? The answer is "no." The second, "traditional kiln" thick smoke production, serious pollution of our living environment. According to statistics, 1 ton of charcoal production, pollutant emissions into the air about 2 tons. We know that the gas density is very small, 2 tons of air pollution can make breathing difficult for the thousands of people. Therefore, the charcoal plant is hidden in the sparsely populated corner of rural production. There are many such charcoal sale on the Internet. Because of his low-cost, low price. Many people buy. Our "electric dry distillation method" is different. Through the collection of "creosote", "wood gas" and so measures, no pollution, is a "green products". Also belong to the international community generally to promote the "low-carbon economy" category. The third, our slogan is: You choose our charcoal, you also select the "low-carbon life." 4, the product of the technical data: One,fixed carbon:more than 85% Two,water / moisture content: 3 - 5% Three,volatile matter: 5% max Four,ash: 3 - 5% Five,the combustion value: 8500-9000kcal/kg Six, minimum burn time: at least 3 hours. 5, other: For more information, warmly welcome our customers! Thank you very much!

Delivery terms and packaging

Packaging Detail: 1,corrugated box size: 404mm * 302mm * 270mm, 17-18 kg / box. Each 20 feet container can hold about 15 tons of charcoal.2,corrugated box size: 460mm * 310mm * 300mm, 20 kg / box. Each 20 feet container can hold about 13 tons of charcoal.3,other packaging:external reinforcement carton, cartons inside waterproof.4,we can also be designed carton size according to customer demand. Delivery Detail: Thetimeofdeliveryinaccordancewiththecontract
Port: Fangchenggang

Payment term

Telegraphic transfer


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