gelatin adhesive for glass,label,sticky note,tape,

gelatin adhesive for glass,label,sticky note,tape,

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Hengshui, China
Hengshui, China
Xunjie Song
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Basic Information

CAS No. 9000-70-8
Other Names sealants
MF C102H151N31O39
EINECS No. 232-554-6
Place of Origin Hebei China (Mainland)
Usage Fiber & Garment
Brand Name xueyang
Model Number 30-280bloom
Classification Hot Melt Adhesives
Its solid contents is high,and transparency and toughness is good.It can make paper not easily wrinkle.We have various specifications.The quicker it dries during the paper making,the higher its prices are. Coating and Sizing Technical gelatins are used in the warp sizing of rayon and acetate yarns. The gelatin size adds strength to the warp and resistance to abrasion so that breakage of the warp is minimized. Gelatin is particularly well suited for this application because of its excellent solubility and film strength. It is applied in aqueous solution along with penetrating oils, plasticizers and antifoam agents before weaving, and later removed during finishing by washing with warm water.Panama hats are sized with gelatin. Sizing helps preserve the shape of the hat while imparting resistance to water and dirt. An emerging technology involves the use of gelatin to size quartz fibers for space-age fabrics.Paper Manufacture Gelatin is used for surface sizing and for coating papers. Either used alone or with other adhesive materials, the gelatin coating creates a smooth surface by filling up the small surface imperfections thereby ensuring improved printing reproduction. Examples include posters, playing cards, wallpaper, and glossy magazine pages.High quality rag-based papers, such as those used for blueprints and currency, also feature a gelatin size coating. The result is a paper which has good moisture and abrasion resistance as well as good adhesion to printing inks. During manufacture the gelatin coatings are rendered insoluble by treatment with cross-linking agents.The permanent crinkle in crepe paper is the result of gelatin sizing.Printing Processes For over a century, gelatin compositions have been used in printers' rollers and plate wiping rollers for multicolor presses and offset lithography. Several photo-printing methods depend on the effect of light on a gelatin film which has been sensitized by treatment with potassium or ammonium dichromate. Examples of printing applications include carbon printing, collotype printing, silk screen printing, and photogravure printing.icker it dries during the paper making,the higher its prices are. Protective Colloidal Applications Much like edible gelatin is used for clarification of wine, beer and juices, technical gelatins are employed in the removal of extremely fine particles that cannot be settled out or filtered out of chemical solutions. Here gelatin is absorbed onto the surface of the particles effecting a coagulate that may be removed by settling or filtration. Approximately one pound of gelatin per ton of ore is used as a filtration aid during the extraction of uranium ore.Gelatin is used to stabilize emulsions for water-proofing fabrics.In suspension polymerization gelatin functions to control particle size as well as to prevent coalescence of the particles. About one pound of gelatin is sufficient to control particle size in a 10,000 pound batch of polyvinyl chloride.Gelatin is added to electroplating baths to control the deposition rate. Similarly, gelatin functions as a zinc brightener by controlling the crystallization of zinc during deposit.MatchesGelatin is used almost universally as the binder for the complex mixture of chemicals used to form the head of a match. The surface activity properties of gelatin are important since the foam characteristics of the match head influence the performance of the match on ignition.

Delivery terms and packaging

Packaging Detail: 25kg/inner plastic and outer crafts bag, or woven bag.20feet contains can contain 20ton. Delivery Detail: a week
Port: tianjin

Payment term

Letter of credit

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