EPP Pallet

EPP Pallet

Suzhou, China
Production capacity:
1000000 Pallet / Month
Suzhou, China
sunny zeo
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Basic Information

Place of Origin Jiangsu China (Mainland)
Brand Name EPP pallet
Model Number EPP pallet
Capacity 100 pound
Type Pallet Rack
Scale Light Duty
Green is the theme of today. EPP is green, and this pallet is green too. Thispallet made by EPP, so if you want to use this green pallet, call me please. The second, EPP has a long life, you can use it day and day. So don't hesitate it, call me please. I can promise that the quality is very good. Our company product EPP forming, point of PP foam bead (PP) EPP as main raw material, adopts Physical foaming technology to produce foamed bead. Mainly used for foam molding tool for all kinds of shapes and feet Inches for use in different occasions. Using polypropylene foaming bead bead pp foam and burned into molds The type of pp foam products, and used as EPS foamed material, compared with EPE, has many excellent The performance. 1, good heat resistance: the highest temperature, far higher than in 130°C and the use of EPE EPS Temperature. 2, good dimensional stability: the little shrinkage and hot EPP size stability. 3, light weight, because the relative density is small, the EPP under the same foaming rate than other foaming material light. 4 and excellent buffering properties: the EPP with good toughness and hardness, in large load Within the scope of excellent buffer. 5, good low temperature characteristics: in - 40, still have good cushioning properties. 6 and foam multiple range: from low to high foam multiple times, and 45 times multiple has good Cushioning properties and insulation performance. 7, adiabatic, floating sex: EPP was closed pore type foam pore structure, independent of low heat conductivity, bibulous rate is low, Can be used in the insulation and floating materials. 8, oil resistance, chemical resistance character. 9, non-toxic, excluding the poison in jiyang and additives, foam of physiological harmless. 10 and high-energy absorption: strong toughness, EPP repeated use but not fatigue phenomenon. 11 and environmental protection: the EPP wrong crosslinking foaming body, non-toxic, 100% biodegradable, can be recycled, Saving energy and resources. 12, long service life, a large number of applying in logistics, but many recycled materials recycling. EPP materials (polypropylene) as the packaging materials foamed can be used for high value breakable and shockproof antistatic packaging, precision instruments in the turbulence of the transport process from damage and destruction. EPP materials, packaging requirements cushioning packaging is the most important properties of energy absorption. EPP foam molding products available to withstand high load, its ability to repeat impact protection polystyrene foamed than can be molded products (PS) (PUR polyurethane foam or more superior. So, can be used for computer, PP foam senior medical apparatus, precision instrument, audio-visual materials, camera, glass ceramics, handicraft, all sorts of household appliances, shockproof cushion packaging, lest suffer damage in transit and destruction. Due to the direct recycling, texture is soft packing surface damage was not in electric field of packaging material has replaced PS foam. According to statistics, China in 1997, is only color TV and color CRT both product use PS foam 2 million tons. Germany Hotec Folien company that has replaced the EPP foam plate molded polystyrene plate, the trend of interest to users is EPP foamed sheet from winding roll can be directly to the molding - canned - sealing device. The recycling of fruit tray PP foam and other agricultural processing and the transportation is very convenient. Disposable packaging, currently in the United States, Japan, Germany and other countries develop green packaging material as the EPP foaming material, such as Germany with foaming EPP material production using green packing products.

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Packaging Detail: our packing is cartons. Delivery Detail: 30days

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