DH-2080 Plasma spray Equipment

DH-2080 Plasma spray Equipment

Shanghai, China
Shanghai, China
liangliang wang
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Basic Information

Plasma spray is a very important process technology in the technical field of thermal spray. Varieties of thermal spray materials can be applied to prepare coatings with good performance through the plasma spray technology in current time. At present, technologies in use may be roughly divided into atmospheric plasma spray and low pressure vacuum plasma spray. For atmospheric plasma spray, Ar, N2 and H2 are applied as plasma gas. The gas generates high temperature plasma after being ionized. Then heat the loaded powder materials until they are melted or fused and spray them onto the workpiece surface to form coating. Metal, alloy, cermet, ceramic, carbide, nitride and other composite materials are mainly used to prepare coating materials. Shanghai Dahao Nonamaterials & Thermal Spray Co., Ltd carries on the fine tradition of receives Shanghai Thermal Spray Machinery Plant, by combining characteristics of advanced plasma spray equipment at home and abroad, the new generation plasma spray equipment, DH2080 plasma spray equipment, which belongs to the atmospheric plasma spray equipment, is developed through concentrative research and development. The compose DH2080 Plasma Spray Equipment This set of equipment is a set of brand new plasma spray equipment independently designed and produced by absorbing advantages of foreign advanced plasma spray equipment and combining it with national conditions of China. Main indicators for this equipment are equivalent to foreign similar products. The whole set of equipment is composed of 7 major components high power supply, intellectualized control device, double cylinder powder feed device, water and power distribution unit, plasma spray gun, refrigerator chiller with high heat exchange efficiency various cables and air pipes qualified for safety norms The characteristics of DH2080 Plasma Spray Equipment Advanced technology, easy for application, safe and reliable, with maximum service power for electric power supply reaching 80kW, mainly used to prepare thermal spray coating with good performance. This equipment is mainly used to prepare : wear resistant coating, antifriction coating, abradable sealing coating, high temperature oxidation resistant coating, heat barrier coating, insulating coating current-conducting coating.

Delivery terms and packaging

Unfortunately the seller did not specify the terms of delivery. For more information, contact the seller.

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