Crankshaft Balancing Machine

Crankshaft Balancing Machine

Chongqing, China
Chongqing, China
Qingjuan Zeng
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Basic Information

Description of goods:First, the basic principle Balancing machines installed in the crankshaft parts, after closing the security door, hand on switch, frequency control of induction motor rotation, rotation speed of crankshaft driven, open Balancing test before operation. Balance of computer picked up from the shelves around the universal coupling of piezoelectric sensors and Hall switch on the left sleeve of the signal, by the Company Package developed by balancing the analysis of computing, the display shows the magnitude and phase unbalance. Unbalanced input in advance to allow the value of the parts after For the unqualified products, the display will show "failed" signs to remind workers. Second, Introduction The product is designed to be gasoline engine factory on the crankshaft balancing test developed for the needs of dynamic balancing machine products. The main machine from the base, left and right Balance frame, frequency drive motor, electric pressure sensor, Hall switch, PC computers, special control software components. Controlled by PC computer System, high precision and speed, and not only for OEMs assembly line sampling inspection, and factory production lines for crankshaft accessories full review.Third, performance characteristics, the main function 1, the device used to detect a similar size gasoline engine and crankshaft balancing test parts, gasoline engine crankshaft of the subject for the model is: IP61F, IP65F, IP70F etc. (can be extended). At the same time, this device also suitable for a variety of not more than 10 kg weight, long-shaped rotor part of the balancing test; 2, through testing, the computer screen will show the magnitude and phase imbalance (based on user needs, not only can display the right and left school a positive imbalance value And phase, can also show the two are combined magnitude and phase imbalance. ) And allowed to unbalance than the parts, the computer screen will display "Unqualified" character, to remind the operator; 3, the minimum up to the remaining amount of unbalance: the left and right weight at the crankshaft to the radius of the sector were ≤ 5g; unbalance reduction ratio (URR) ≤ 90%; 4, productivity: tests will not exceed 20 seconds, fit into the production line; 5, has a job status display, memory function, equipped with RS232 interface, and have network connectivity. 6, using inverter-driven induction motor to achieve infinitely variable, and specially to promote universal coupling drive crank parts. 7, using the hard supporting structure, use of pressure before and after a power imbalance vibration sensors pick up signals. 8, to further improve the design of the machine will be completely closed structure to mechanical and electrical integration, the industrial PC computer and mechanical structural elements into one compact structure, Production space saving, easy operation, safe and suitable for mass production of occasions.1. single balance test (for the thickness of the rotor diameter greater than); 2. Double balance test (for less than the thickness of the rotor diameter); 3. measurements showed velocity, displacement RMS; 4. show frequency rotor vibration transfer and 2,3, ... ... 10 harmonic amplitude; 5. show accurate rotor revolutions per minute; 6. provide increased correction method and digital correction method of software, including "a balance disc and digital correction method" patent results; 7. menu operation, the progress of tips; 8. balance test data storage, providing statements to print output interface (U disk); (The specific content and format of user requirements can be specifically provided).Fourth, technical parameters 1. effective vibration signal frequency: 10Hz 1000Hz; 2. velocity measurement range: 0.01mm / s 200mm / s; 3. vibration displacement measuring range: 0.1-micron to 2000 microns; 4. speed measuring range: 300r/min 20000r/min; 5. Power: 220V ± 15V.DC-DP-QZ1 type special crankshaft balancing machine This equipment is specially developed for the gasoline engine crankshaft balancing the balancing machine parts. Taken directly ring of mature type dynamic balancing machine parts support system System and detection system based, in part supporting both sides of the parallel pressure, one end of the driver's new driving program and the corresponding structure, a better solution for small crankshaft parts Balancing rapid loading and test measurement problems. Special bilateral lap belt, foot switch control, easy loading and unloading the workpiece, ergonomics fast, smooth, balanced High precision.Motorcycle crankshaft balancing machine components The breakthrough invention of the German, Japanese well-known principle of balancing the company's tradition, will measure and display the results of the time shortened from the original 40-50 minutes to ten seconds Bell, for the production line on line.

Delivery terms and packaging

Unfortunately the seller did not specify the terms of delivery. For more information, contact the seller.

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