biodiesel equipment

biodiesel equipment

Zhengzhou, China
Production capacity:
1 Set / Month
Zhengzhou, China
Susan Wang
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Basic Information

We adopt the new process to produce the biodiesel by our biodiesel manufacturing plant.Welcome your inquiry. Our technology of producing bio-diesel including 3 kinds:1.The technology of producing bio-diesel by acidifying oil (subsurface channel oil, hogwash oil)The acidifying oil has plentiful of fatty acid (the content is above 40 60%). If react directly, the reaction process is long and difficult to react every inch. So firstly we use the technology of fractional distillation to separate the acidifying oil into neutral oil and fatty acid by the process of depickling. Secondly, go along with ester-interchange reaction by adding methanol alcohol and actalescent catalyst in neutral oil , adding methanol and acidic catalyst. After the two reactions it can gain bio-diesel and plant asphalt by fractional distillation.The technique has widely used in all kinds of raw materials. The product is high quality and yield percentage. It is environment cared and energy saved. 2.The technology of producing bio-diesel by animal / vegetable oil Animal/vegetable oil is a high-quality oil and fat. It includes few free fatty acid (the content is little than 2%). It can gain crude methyl ester and its by-product crude glycerin by ester-exchange reaction of adding methyl alcohol and alkalescene catalyst. It can gain bio-diesel after crude methyl ester is distilled by short-path. After the crude glycerin is pretreatmented, short-path distilled, it can gain glycerin used in industry and medicine. The technique is the same with high-quality raw material of animal/vegetable oil. The product is high quality and yield percentage. It is environment cared and energy saved.3. The technology of producing bio-diesel by rancidity oilIn the rancidity oil, some oil and fat is ranciditied, so there is some free fatty acid. At first, the acid catalytic reaction is adapted, then adopt alkalinous catalytic reaction after the free fatty acid reacted completely. The free fatty oil become methyl ester after adding pyro alcohol and concentrated sulfuric acid under definite temperature (65degree 68 degree). After the reaction of methyl ester, the sodium methylate is made of pyro alcohol and NAOH. It can gain fatty acid methyl ester and it's by-product glycerin after the fat and oil and measurable pyro alcohol ester exchanged by the alkalinous catalyst of sodium methylate under definite temperature (65degree 68 degree).

Delivery terms and packaging

Packaging Detail: Generally,the equipment will be packed in naked.Of course,we can pack it according to the requirments of our custmers. Delivery Detail: It will be deliveried within 1 month.
Port: Qingdao Port

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