Automatic Battery Plates Making Machine HY158A

Automatic Battery Plates Making Machine HY158A

Quanzhou, China
Production capacity:
20 Set / Month
Quanzhou, China
Tracy Yang
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Basic Information

Producing 8-17grids / min.Use electricity / LPG / LNGNew High Furnace Design.Suitable for all types of alloy.Casting size (H:100mm - 165mm) * (W:250mm - 350mm) (optional wide frame).Casting thickness from 1.0mm to 4.5mm. 1.Suitable Scope:YH158A casting machine is fit for the casting of varied kinds of alloy grids of lead-acid accumulators and can carry out the melting of alloy lead, keeping constant temperature of the moulds, the rational lead feeding, the casting of grids, the cutting and collection of grids with more automatic and intelligent production procedures fitting for varied alloy lead. It is the most advanced domestic equipment of casting grid at present. 2. Range of Supply: Main casting machine 1 set Lead melting Furnace 1 set Circulating tank 1 set Lead feeding system 1 set Electric control system 1 set Grid mould 1 piece Cutter 1 piece 3,Main technical parameters: 3.1 Production efficiency: HY158A casting machine 8-7 big pieces/minute 3.2 Casting Dimensions (250 385)*(100 180)*(1.0 5.0)mm 3.3 ITEM Installed power Actual power YH158A 24.5KW 14-17KW 3.4 Alloy of grid fit for Lead antimony alloy: 1.6 4.5 % Lead calcium alloy: 0.08-0.14% 3.5 Grid mould making as per the grid drawing of customer 3.6 Temperature control of lead melting furnace: Scope of temperature control: 430-550centi-degree 3.7 Temperature control scope of grid mould: Upper mould 150-170centi-degree Lower mould 170-190centi-degree 3.8 Temperature control scope of lead feeding pipe: 450-520centi-degree 3.9 Temperature control scope of lead ladle: 450-550centi-degree 4, Main features 4.1 The main machine drive: the open and close of mould and the ration lead feeding adopt the stable and reliable pneumatic components, and others use the mechanical drive. The speed control of main machine uses the frequency transformer to realize variable speed with the features of wide adjusting scope and easy adjustment of speed. 4.2 Lead feeding system the lead pump adopt rotating pump to realize the ration lead feeding and the quantity of lead feeding can be micro-adjusted. The lead feeding system use lower ration lead feeding with features of simple structure and apply thermostable and impact-resistant materials with durable and reliable operations. 4.3 The lead feeding pipe is heated by electro heat pipe and has overcome the disadvantages of easy blocking, low heat use ratio, electricity consumption and inconvenient repair brought about by using the short circuit transformer to heat the lead feeding pipe. The temperature can be controlled automatically and can be displayed in the control panel. The outside part has the advantages of good heat preservation, convenient structure and easy replacement. 4.4 The connection and disconnection of electric heating pipe can be controlled by heat meter installed in grid mould and then check the temperature of grid mould. The heat preservation of grid mould is controlled by circulating water. 4.5 The connection and disconnection of electric heating pipe can be controlled by heat meter of lead ladle and check the temperature of lead ladle and then realize automatic control of temperature of lead ladle. 4.6 Long cutter, lower positioning mechanism: the stripped grids falling onto the conveyer belt will be sent to the grids feeding break rolls through the pressing break rolls and grids sliding board and then be sent to the cutters. The lower positioning mechanism adjusts the position of grid. Fixed cutter: the specification of grid suitable for is very small with the features of stable and reliable structure. Adjustable cutter: the width can be adjusted by inlay lump and fit for various kinds of grid(110 165 mm) 4.7 For the stability of equipment, the key parts adopt imported ones. For example, the proximity switch adopt P+F, transformer frequency use LC imported electric components. Pneumatic parts adopt the AirTac from Taiwan. 4.8 Electric control system combine the former electric control cabinet of main machine and lead melting furnace as a whole systematically and automatically for easy operation and maintenance. 4.9 The casting of grid mould: annular release crack and T-shaped water cooling device.The temperature of mould(140-180centi-degree)is controlled through the way that the heat meter control the connection and disconnection of electric heat pipe and circulating water control the temperature automatically. 4.10 The grids will be sent onto the storage rack by the rolling board. The distance can be adjusted by hand wheel to meet the grid. 5,Resource the user need to equip with: 5.1 380V±10% 50Hz Electric power: 380V±10% 50Hz 5.2Compressed air Working pressur:0.4-0.6Mpa exhaust amount: not less than 0.3m/min

Delivery terms and packaging

Packaging Detail: Features of Our High Furnace Casting Machine:Min. Order: 1 Set/Sets1Set In One Export Wooden Case20": 2 sets40": 6 sets Delivery Detail: 30days
Port: Xiamen Port

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