Aluminum plastic panel product/product line

Aluminum plastic panel product/product line

Production capacity:
15 Set / Year
Zhifeng Huang
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Basic Information

Name: Aluminum composite panel production line Our new aluminum composite panel production line YZLFH1300/1600, being the vacuum exhaust type production line, is developed form our years of actual experience with the latest technology both in China and abroad. Through some upgrade to the composite parts, it can make the aluminum coil, macromolecule film and PE compound better at one time. Compared to the old machine, the new machine can save more power, control easily, have higher eligible rate, apply widely and conveniently of maintain. This production line is energy saving and easy to operate. Some production line cool PE into plate, then heat up for reunite while our line cancels this process and make full use of heat from PE extruding to reunite which saves about 150W electricity energy. Performance of the line had reached the criterion of imported equipment, even exceed in some parts. As suggested by customers, the production line we manufactures now has beautiful appearance and is easy to operate. Parameter of the production line:TypeScrewL/DPowerSpeedProductivityWidthYZLJXmmL/DKWrpmKg/hmmYZLFH-13001703531510 70400 4501220YZLFH-16001803531510 60500 5501600YZLFH-180018035200 22010 60550 6001800YZLFH-210018035200 22010 60700 8002050Note: no informing about any alterationMain components:1. Extruder2. Three roller compressor3. High polymer film unrolling device4. Aluminum coil unrolling device5. Thermo-compression device6. Cooler7. Protect film covering unit8. Trimming machine9. Straightener10. Driving11.Cutting machine12.ConveyorFeatures: Main electric components imported. Specially designed screw structure Stable technology Easy operation and maintenanceTraditional heating way of aluminum composite panel production line use the electric resistance type heating which cause low heating efficiency and huge power consumption. Our heating, through converting electrical energy to magnetic energy, cause the heated steel to generate heat which fundamentally solve the problem of low heating efficiency of electric resistance type heating such as heater plates and heater circles.Compared with traditional electric heating method this technology has the following advantages:1. The actual energy-saving effect achieves above 50%, reducing the production cost.2. Under the same conditions, preheating time is reduced by 1 / 3, saving the production time.3. The surface temperature of the heating part are reduced to 60-80centigrade which could be touched by human body. The working environment compared with the electric resistance type heating is greatly improved, which help to save the massive cooling and ventilation expense for enterprises.Removal of the electric heating circle helps to save the expense used for maintenance and periodic replacement of the heating circle. Technical parameter for FH1600 ACP production line 1. The aluminum plastic composite panel: Panel width: 1,220 1,600 mm Panel thickness: a. For ACP Panel with thickness 3.0mm: Aluminum thickness used ranges from 0.05 to 0.5 mm b. For ACP panel with thickness 4.0/6.0mm: Aluminum thickness used ranges from 0.15 0.6 mm Panel Length: To be set as per required 2. Raw materials: a. PE core material width: 1,280 1,660 mm PE core material thickness: 2.0 5.0 mm b. Aluminum coil width: 1240 1620mm Aluminum coil thickness: 0.022 0.6mm Aluminum weight: 607kg 3,000kg Aluminum coil O/D: 1300mm (max) Aluminum coil I/D: φ150/φ405 mm 1. Adhesive film: High polymer film width: 1240 1620mm High polymer film thickness: 0.03-0.05mm High polymer film weight: 60 90kg d. Protective film: PE/SOFT PVC Protective film thickness: 0.05 0.08mm Protective film width: 1240 1620mm Protective film O/D: φ300 mm Protective film I/D: φ75 mm Protective film weight: 60 kg e. Equipment speed: 0.6 4m/min Production speed for ACP with thickness 3mm: 3.0m/min Production speed with ACP thickness 4mm: 2.5 m/min f. PE extruder capacity: 600 kg/h (The above extrusion capacity takes the granular plastic with M.I 0.5 1.5 of LDPE material as reference.) g. Power supply: 3φ-380V-50Hz working power: 300kw h. Air source pressure: 5 8kg/cm2 Air volume: 1.0 1.2 m3/min i. Industrial water pressure: 0.5 2.0kg/cm2 Industrial water volume: 3 5 m3/h j. Machine site area: 50,000Lx10, 000 W x 4,500H (mm)

Delivery terms and packaging

Packaging Detail: Standard export package with machine wrapped by PE plastic film and fixed inside the containers. Totals 4 containers Delivery Detail: Within 70 work days after recipt of deposit
Port: Lianyungang Port

Payment term

Letter of credit

Telegraphic transfer


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