Yunnan Pu'Er Tea -- First Grade (0.25kg)

Yunnan Pu'Er Tea -- First Grade (0.25kg)

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Hangzhou, China
Hangzhou, China
Liming Ou Yang
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Basic Information

Pu'er Tea What is tea? "Local standard of Yunnan Pu'er tea" is defined as: tea is a certain region of Yunnan, Yunnan Province, big leaves drying green Maocha as raw material, after the fermentation process Into the loose tea and pressed.Red-brown color of its shape; endoplasmic thick bright red soup color, unique aroma Chen Hong, mellow taste sweet, Securinega brown red. First, we have to work for the definition of the experts and scholars to express my sincere respect. However, it seems that tea has never been any kind of tea such as the complexity of life experience, has never been any kind of tea such as the appearance of thick tea is simple and within a qualitative change in Pak Of thousands, so "What is tea," it looks so simple question, actually not that simple."Local standards" is defined to have these many problems: 1, is not conducive to the protection of origin.Would like to Yunnan big leaves drying green Maocha cart cart pulled African American raw materials processing, tea do not you come out?However, the hearing Said Maotai open branch in other provinces it?Moreover, Yunnan big leaves fully introduced to the African American, you speak not the tea produced?But why cloud South Yiliang Po Hung tea production, but also a lobular types of processing technology entirely Longjing, aroma index was highest in green tea, why people will not let you call Longjing tea? 2, processing the question: "After the fermentation process into a" here refers only to artificial fermentation, that is, the shape of the first fermentation and then finished; in fact, that is, the fermentation process itself; 3, tea cakes cooked green tea sub-types: if only cooked Pu'er tea is called, that artificial fermentation technology is only in 1973, is not no tea before 1973? 4, 1973 if there is a recognition of tea, (which I wish to deny anyone sorry), but should not be called tea but green tea or green tea (which Plausible), but it means that either we cut off the history, or historical mistake?Just a little, if name comes from the Pu'er tea Names (there are a lot of say another paper), but the man engaged in fermentation technology is out in Kunming, Kunming tea, why not call to ask someone to tea? 5, if only cooked Pu'er tea is called, that green cake, green brick tea is not called, then walk to the market, you will immediately find that this estimate is no respect now Real; red or yellow print you say it is green tea green tea, businesses would certainly say that you are blind tea - and this in turn means either that we ignore reality, or is the reality wrong. 6, "red brown color appearance; endoplasmic thick bright red soup color, unique aroma Chen Hong, mellow taste sweet, Securinega brown red."This text says that good quality Pu'er The effect of tea, if indeed the tea (although that's cooked just the definition of tea), but the more times the quality of tea, tea soup can red, dense, but not a Be bright; "Chen Hong," the word, we do not see much difference between this and black tea have. 7, whether natural or artificial, is not a one-time completion of the fermentation process; from production and processing to distribution storage until they were spending the last moment, the moment has not stopped the fermentation Only; Therefore, "the better it tastes" is different from other tea tea biggest feature, without which no tea like this today, but will not be tomorrow, and brave To be brilliant. That for a long time, then they will ask: You said people did not say clear tea, then you tell us. - Well, no problem, the purpose is to determine the nature of the definition; although the definition itself does not determine the definition.However, a definition should not only reflect the essence of things, but also strong Support and the unity of logic and reality; at least, should adhere to three principles: 1, history and reality principle of unity: we respect the reality, not their historical context; (here, by the way "traditional and modern tea tea" parts is not good. Intentionally or unintentionally cut off this view of history, the so-called tradition is not merely a history: If the tea is a traditional folk workshop manual, machine rolling machine where the pressure is not present cake Generations? 2, the principle of practical reason: should be conducive to the protection of origin; 3, the principles of the convention: "The Philippines is also a firm's name." History and reality Yes, green tea cake is right.Health & P, all cooked general argument has been accepted, is a matter of Indeed, different from other products is tea, Pu'er tea every piece is truly finished until it is drank at that moment.

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Packaging Detail: Paper Covered Delivery Detail: Two Weeks
Port: Shanghai

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