yunnan black tea organic tea

yunnan black tea organic tea

Beijing, China
Beijing, China
zi xun
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Yunnan black gold tea (dianhong tea) Yunnan large-leaf variety of red tea (aka black tea) from high-altitude plantations in yunnan. High quality first flush of Spring material is briefly fermented and then hand-dried by pressing into a hot wok. This fine small leaf and bud sets are malty in flavor with a smooth satisfying sweet after-taste. this kind is with themoderate quality,leaves of which may not intact like the greatest quality one. But still get gold buds and fresh leaf tip. Black Tea in bulk, with its long history of use, is one of the most recognized teas in Western tradition. The tea leaves are fully oxidized (fermented), which gives black teas their deep, robust, full-bodied taste. References Tea grading Black tea is usually graded on one of four scales of quality. Whole leaf teas are highest quality followed by broken leaves, fannings, and dusts. Whole leaf teas are produced with little or no alteration to the tea leaf. This results in a finished product with a coarser texture than that of bagged teas. Whole leaf teas are widely considered the most valuable, especially if they contain leaf tips. Broken leaves are commonly sold as medium grade loose teas. Smaller broken varieties may be included in tea bags. Fannings are usually small particles of tea leftover from the production of larger tea varieties, but are occasionally manufactured specifically for use in bagged teas. Dusts are the finest particles of tea leftover from production of the above varieties, and are often used for tea bags with very fast, very harsh brews. Fannings and dust are useful in bagged teas because the greater surface area of the many particles allows for a fast, complete diffusion of the tea into the water. Fannings and dusts usually have a darker colour, lack of sweetness, and stronger flavor when brewed. Brewing Generally, 2.25 grams of tea per 180 ml of water, or about a teaspoon of black tea per 6 oz. cup, should be used. Unlike green teas, which turn bitter when brewed at higher temperatures, black tea should be steeped in freshly boiled water. The more delicate black teas, such as Darjeeling, should be steeped for 3 to 4 minutes. The same holds for broken leaf teas, which have more surface area and need less brewing time than whole leaves. Whole leaf black teas, and black teas that will be served with milk or lemon, should be steeped 4 to 5 minutes. Longer steeping times make the tea bitter (at this point it is referred to as being stewed in the UK). When the tea has brewed long enough to suit the tastes of the drinker, it should be strained while serving. ********************************************************************* yunnan black gold tea (dianhong tea) 1) High quality,reasonable price; 2) Healthy,natural; 3) Timely delivery. 4) The original ecological 5) Origin: Yunnan at high altitudes

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Packaging Detail: 1kg per unit within packing paper Delivery Detail: delivered in 10 days.

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Letter of credit

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