Multifunctional Type Filter Press (XAMZZQ/1500UBK

Multifunctional Type Filter Press (XAMZZQ/1500UBK

Hangzhou, China
Hangzhou, China
shelly wei
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Basic Information

Multifunctional Type Filter Press (XAMZZQ/1500UBK): 1.Die presses the reinforced polypropylene into filter plate, featuring smooth and flat surface, high intensity, light weight, acid and alkaline resistant, anticorrosion, nontoxic and inodorous. 2.The polypropylene membrane system have a lots of excellent features: Long useful life, featuring nontoxic and inodorous, anticorrosion, acid and alkaline resistant, anti-aging. Dryer filter cake, featuring good tympanic effect with high flexibility prescription, higher filter press with especial structue and stuff. 3.The automatic hydraulic device is used for pressing and releasing the filter plate. The electrical contract pressure gauge is available to automatically maintain pressure. The operation of automatically pushing and pulling filter plate can be con-ducted by the automatic pulling plate which is driven by integratingmotor with fluid power. 4.The supporter is manufactured by welded steel structure with high intensity, featuring high intensity, stable structure, long useful life, so it can support the maximum pressure from filtration. 5.Operation panel is easy and safe because of being equipped with multicon figuration of PLC auto-control, relaycontrol and safe device, which ensures safety to operators. 6.Nonmetal track is configured in track surface of the main beam, which is onceshaping and antiabrasive. Truss-bridge retractable structure is adopted in mainframe. 7.The automatic stretch and safe discharge system: When filter plates open the system operates synchronization, make two filter plates form a definite angle, at the same time the filter cake is separated from filter fabric at the effect of surge of spring. 8.The automatic filter fabric cleaning system: The hydraulic device made up of cleaning vehicle, master track, hydraulic parts, tube and nozzle and controlled bye PLC is used for cleaning filter fabric automatically, featuring stable and reliable work, good cleaning effect. 9.The automatic turn and collect system: The system is made up of collect plates, duct, brace, motor and etc. It can turn, turn on and turn off the collect plates during filtration and discharge. 10.It is excellent equipment for solidliquid separation of suspensions, whose maximum filtering pressure is1.0Mpa.

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