voc Katalysator

voc Katalysator

50000 Stück / Monat
shao lin peng


Ort der Herkunft Jiangxi China (Mainland)
Marke JXYY
Controlling the emissions of pollutants from stationary sources is critical in protecting our air quality,the oxidation catalyst is effective for the control of carbon monoxide (CO), non-methane hydrocarbons (NMHC), volatile organic compounds (VOC), formaldehyde (CH2O) and EPA classified Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs) from natural gas and LPG lean-burn engines.our oxidation catalyst is also effective for catalytic combustion of VOC emissions from a variety ofexhaust gas streams from industrial processes, help solve the growing air pollution problem by eliminating VOCs from various process exhaust streams. Gaseous pollutants, usually referred to as Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs, are released by a number of different processes.these VOCs consist of a numerous variety of compounds such as:alcohols ,aldehydes ,acetates ,aromatics ,esters ,ketones various other hydrocarbons which are comprised of carbon (C), oxygen(O), and hydrogen (H) atoms. This catalyst can purge organic exhaust gases,it possesses low high-off temperature,high conversion. vocs catalysts supports are high thermals stability and high surface area materials ,high-performance rare-earth oxygen storage materials,the main active component is precious metal or transition metal,the way of the entire catalyst preparation is high dispersion rate,uniformly distributing,,it is a new and effective catalyst of industry exhaust purge, and it can purge toxic exhaust such as organic compound and carbon monxide in chemical industries, printing,foods,machines ,home electrical appliances, automobile manufacturing etc ,it possesses low high-off temperature,high activity,wide space velocity range, excellent thermal stability ,high resistant poisoning and longer useful life. VOCs can be designed using any of the substrates we offer, including ceramic, foil honeycomb, metal ribbon, screen, expanded metal, and plugs. We can supply many of these substrates either framed or unframed. Catalytic Combustion has also developed a number of precious metal catalyst formulations which can be used, or we could even develop a custom formulation based on your requirements. VOCS catalysts can be widely used in the listed fields: 1. can coating 2.metal coating 3.wire enameling 4.bakeries 5.formaldehyde tail gas plants 6.printing 7.paint curing 8.pharmaceutical manufacturing 9.electronics related parameters:Benzene 4g/m3 240Toluene4g/m3 220xylene4g/m3 220Acetic acid & acetic fat5g/m3 300Acetic acid5g/m3 300Cyclohexanone5g/m3 208Acetone5g/m3 280Phonel10g/m3 280N-butanol4g/m3 180Testing conditionAir speed20000 h-1The loading quantity for the catalyst50ml

Lieferbedingungen und Verpackung

Packaging Detail: outer packing: pallet+carton(lined with plastic sheet) Delivery Detail: 30days after receipt of payment
Hafen: ningbo or shanghai port


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