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Chinese walnutIn a sense, foods are the main cause of the body condition. The opinion of the nutritionists: your body condition depends on what kind of foods you have taken. Many people suffer from sub-health, insomnia and dreamful sleep etc... They think that they should take more exercises and keep balance diet. In fact, it is mostly due to the foods and drinks they have taken with the chemical additives and pesticide residues. Additive: false flavor, true dangerThe additives delay the guarantee period of spoilage and add yummy flavor to foods and drinks which are the motivation of buying for women and children but those are harmful to health. Pesticide residues: hard to be cleaned, easy to cause diseasesAs the pests can be resisted by the agricultural pesticide, more and more peasants spray more chemicals on fruits and vegetables, even use the forbidden ones. The residues are hard to be cleaned and will do harm to peoples health. The products sell well in the market. You should not turn blind eyes to it. We must know that the additives and pesticide residues are the time bombs. They result in the offensive effects for all the people. Development delay and IQ deterioration will appear among the children. Endocrine dyspraxia, insomnia and rapid aging will be the ordinary phenomenon for women. Low sperm concentration for men and low immunity, senile dementia and atherosclerosis for the old and middle-aged people or even cancer. Main Nutrients of Chinese Walnut Kernels(g/100g)Componentcrude fatcrude proteinmoistnessash contentothersContent66.0813.054.641.514.73Amino Acid Content of Chinese Walnut Kernels(g/100g) NameChinese Walnut KernelsNameChinese Walnut Kernelsaspartic acid0.756methionine0.14threonine0.301isoleucine0.341serine0.411leucine0.584glutamic acid1.701tryptophane0.265proline0.435phenylalanine0.453glycine0.393histine0.222alanine0.388lysine0.298cystine0.057arginine1.058valine0.403total amount8.208Dispensable Amino Acid for Human Beings2.866 Chinese Walnut, share with the person you love1. Chinese Walnut, source of the nutrients for infants From the content of the Chinese walnut, it is beneficial for their brains. Tip: enjoy it every day, clever and smart 2. Chinese Walnut, beauty power for women The Chinese walnut oil is good for skin caring. Tip: enjoy it every day, beautiful and full of energy 3. Chinese Walnut, best recipe for the old and the middle age Maybe it can be called as a magic way to slow down the aging. Tip: enjoy it every day, young and strongZhanshi Hickory: 100% guaranteed natural productsZhanshi Organic Farm: Zhanshi organic hickory raw material plantation, which has passed the State Administration of Quality Supervision Inspection in (and) Quarantine and the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movement (IFOAM), has already reached the following standards in order to set the customers mind at rest when they are enjoying the organic food and make the promise for ecological system & environment protection come true. First, never use the pesticide, fertilizer and other hazardous substance in recent 3 years. Second, seeds & germ chit come from the natural environment, instead of being reformed by technique for gene engineering. Third, the plan that long term perfect land-bearing fertile, plant protection and crop rotation should be focused is carried out. Fourth, soil erosion and other environment problems are not existed. Fifth, before being planted, it should pass the process of agriculture transformation for about 2 years. The safe healthy natural organic walnuts are provided by the thousand acres base of Ningguo Anhui. The Environment: Chinese walnut is the fruit of a Juglandaceae arbor (scientific name of Carya cathayensis Sarg) that grows in China. The plant is 30m tall with the diameter of 30-66cm. its bark is and smoothly. The kernel nut is yellowish green and covered by four peels firmly adhered thereto. The enlarged nut pushes on surrounding hard beign shells to cause mechanical splits, while the hull, which serves as a protective cover for the shell, usually remains intact. Only after 25 years , can the walnut plants get harvest. Chinese walnut can be planted in the environment which is at the temperature of 15-17centidegree with the amount of precipitation of 1000-1500mm.what is more; the oils PH should be controlled at 6-7. It is specialize in the region. Among the 20 kinds of walnuts, Chinese walnut is the top one.


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