TB flexo printing &slotting & rotary die-d

TB flexo printing &slotting & rotary die-d

沧州市, 中国
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沧州市, 中国
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A) Sun feeding unit The feeding unit adopt SUN Extend-feed Complete OEM Feeder System From USA.. Frequency conversor control the speed of feeding.Wind energy can be adjusted to make sure the smooth and accurate of the paper feeding.Left and right baffies, Electric orientation, steady moving and accurancy.The cluth alarm Pneumatic locking, safty and reliable.The upper paper feeding roller is the seamless steel tube, paked with wear-resisting rubber, ginning and hard chromium plating, balance correction.The down paper feeding roller is the seamless steel tube, ginning and hard chromium plating, balance correction.The space between the two paper feeding roller is adjusted by the scale and worm-wheel adjusting, adjustment scope:0-12mm, adopt Slipper structure, the transmission gear will kept on the correct meshing during adjusting.The full computer adjustmentB) Printing department Printing rollera) steel material, surface grinding and hard chrome plating. b) Balance correction, stable operation. c) Rachit fixed plate axis. d) Full plating slot is suitable for 9mm plate. e) Loading and unloading the printing plate, pedal switch control the forward and backward. The printting pressure rollera) The surface of the steel roller is grinding and hard chrome plating. b) Balance correction, steady operation. c) The gap between the printing pressure roller and the printing roller,the scal shows, adjusted by hand,the scope is 0-12mm. Adopt crosshead device, the transmitting gear will keep meshing while adjusting. Metal anilox roller (The high quality anilox roller adopts domestic famous manufacturers)a) Surface adopts the advanced hard chrome plating, hard, slipper, and wearproof. b) Anilox roller: three parts divided reasonable mesh, first unit 200mesh, second unit 220 mesh, third unit 250 mesh. c) Pneumatic lifting the anilox roller matched with the paper feeding roller to prevent double inking and the dry of ink while stopping the machine. The rubber roller(80% natural rubber and goes through high-temperater treatment)a) Without gap steel wrapped with wearproof rubber, balance correction. b) The middle and high of the rubber roller grinding, good transferring ink effect. c) The rubber roller equiped with overload device, can pre-long the using life. Upper and lower paper feeding rollera) The upper roller: equipment with left and right adjustable wheel, and surface fixed with 50 degree rubber. b) The lower roller: without gap steel surface grinding, hard chrome plating. c) Scale shows the space betweeen the upper and lower paper feeding roller, worn-wheel adjusting, the scope is 0-12mm, adopts crosshead connection, the gears keeps meshing while adjusting. Phasing adjustable structuea) Differential action planetary gear b) The printing phasing adopts PLC and electrical digital adjustment ( no matter the machine are working or stopping). c) For the horizontal position, the scale type manual adjusting. d) Each printing unit can find its former position before stopping, which can achieve fast correcting. Inking circulatinga) It adopts pneumatic diagram pump for inking, stable and easy to operate and keep in good repair. b) The inking filter net to filter the inclusion. c) Automatic distributing the ink device, without stopping the ink while machine stops, can prevent the ink going dry. d) The ink cup prevent the inking splashing. e) Steel ink fountain, automatic inking and circulating cleaning. C) slotting machine Electrical adjustment the horizontal moving of the four slotting knives pedestal.Synchronous adjustment the space between the two sltting knives ( the height of box)Synchronous moving the upper and lower slotting knives, paper-kicking knives, up and down creasing wheel.Alloy steel materials, hearing treatment, grinding and tooth form slotting knife, width is 5-7mmThe alloy steel through heart treatment and grinding the edge iron which is keen and high accuracy. D) Die-cutting deprtment The dei-cutting unit depart from the main machine, separate driving ( adopts Kobe servo controller from German) totally solved the problems of changing printing positing due to the die-cutting rushing.Adopt fold type rubber roller, easy to change and convenient operation. Imported rubber roller from Taiwan, the using life is three times of the normal rubber roller.Automatic control left and right moving of rubber roller, the scope is 50mm, steady moving and reliable.The die-cutting phasing adopts servo control, touch screen adjust and control, can store orders.Pneumatic control the gap between the cutter mould roller and the soft roller.It has speed compensation system, automatic adjust the speed of rubber roller, insure the same size of carton and the cutting dies.E) Pilling unit Automatic operation and handle one can be optional.The lifting and descending of the machine tool platfrom are driven by the powerful chain.The height of pilling is 1600mmThe surface of corrugated belt can be prevent the sliding of the paperboard.The organization of the papre by pneumatic motion, The paper receiving tray will automatically open and catch the paperboard while the paperboards are pilled to the fixed height.Main technical parameter Serial Wyazs Name Unit Whyzs 1 Max. Speed Pieces/min 120 2 Economic Speed Pieces/min 80-100 3 Max Printing area mm 1400x2200 4 Max.Paperboard Size mm 1500x2400 5 Min.Paperboard Size mm 350(full plate)x500 6 Printing Precision mm ≤±0.5(four clors) 7 Standard printing plate thickness mm 4 or 6 8 The max groove depth mm 320 9 Skip paperboard feeding mm 1500


Packaging Detail: common packaging Delivery Detail: 15-30days after receipt of deposit
端口: Tianjijn Xingang Port


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