SMD3528 Flexible LED Strip (Twin White)

SMD3528 Flexible LED Strip (Twin White)

原价: 1,00 USD
深圳宝安国际机场, 中国
深圳宝安国际机场, 中国
Cathy Zhang


Twin white led strip SUNRICE twin white led strip is a new design concept on soft led strip illumination, its design idea is to build a rich creativity and the inspiration space, make your living space made all the difference, lets the human feel comfortable, joyful, and maintains the optimum condition. The clever combination of two classical colors (pure white and warm white) , may let you have pure white, warm white and the blending effect of these two colors simultaneously, it is completely adapt to different space, and you are easy to get different kinds of color changing mode via our 3-wire 2-loop controller to meets the different illumination need. Basic features 1) Perfect light consistency thanks to wide beam angle2) Completely flexible to any angle3) Engineered to “dot light” for decoration4) Super slim packaging for narrow space installation5) 3M self-adhesive tape on PCB back6) Almost no temperature, low power consumption7) 50,000 hours lifespan Application 1) Cove lighting2) Architectural lights for canopy, corridor, window, archway3) Backlight or edge lighting for signage4) DIY lights for home use5) Path and contour marking6) Decorative lights for holiday, event, show, exhibition7) Other outdoor useTechnique Parameter Part No. BS-LR3528TW600-24 BS-LR3528TW600WPA-24 BS-LR3528TW600WPB-24 BS-LR3528TW600WPC-24 BS-LR3528TW600WPD-24 BS-LR3528TW600WPE-24 BS-LR5050TW300-24 BS-LR5050TW300WPA-24 BS-LR5050TW300WPB-24 BS-LR5050TW300WPC-24 BS-LR5050TW300WPD-24 BS-LR5050TW300WPE-24 BS-LR5050TW600-24 BS-LR5050TW600WPA-24 BS-LR5050TW600WPB-24 BS-LR5050TW600WPC-24 BS-LR5050TW600WPD-24 BS-LR5050TW600WPE-24 Color temperature Pure white: 6500K Warm white: 3500K Illumination Pure white: 1200LM Warm white: 900LM Twin white: 2100LM Pure white: 1950LM Warm white: 1800LM Twin white: 3750LM Pure white:3 900LM Warm white: 3600LM Twin white:7 500LM Power 48W 72W 144W Light source SMD3528 SMD5050 LED quantity 600 LEDS/ 5m (300 wh+300 WW) 300 LEDS/ 5m (150 wh+150 WW) 600 LEDS/ 5m (300 wh+300 WW) Material 10MM heat resisting soft PCB 12MM heat resisting soft PCB Beam angle 120degree Control way 3-wire 2-loop led controller Input voltage 24Vdc Controller 3-wire 2-loop wireless RF 4keys controller adopt advanced computer to control the chips inside, it was special designed for our twin white led strip which has the features of convenient connection, easy operation, etc. It can realize jumping, gradual changing, flashing, and some other effect depending on your actual needs .Standard color changing mode as below Items Patterns Remarks Items Patterns Remarks 1 Static warm whiteBrightness adjustable 10 Warm white bright/fade gradually Speed adjustable 2 Static pure white11 Pure white bright/fade gradually3 Static twin white color12 Twin white color bright/fade gradually4 3 color jumpingSpeed adjustable13 Twin white color alternating bright/fade gradually5 Warm white flashing14 Pure white light, warm white bright/fade gradually6 Pure white flashing15 Warm white light, pure white bright/fade gradually 7 Twin white color flashing16 Pure white, warm white and twin white color alternating bright/fade gradually 8 Warm white light, pure white flashing17 Auto play3 16 automatic operation9 Pure white light, warm white flashing


Packaging Detail: 5m/roll Delivery Detail: 5-7 days
端口: Shenzhen


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