roof tile machine/tile forming machine/color tile

roof tile machine/tile forming machine/color tile

原价: 20 000 USD
30 设置 / 月
Hongge Zhang


Features of tiles produced by this machine: 1) Waterproof: the tiles make the rainwater drains more quickly and smoothly, eliminate the rainwater counter-flowing (which usually occurred on roll formed tiles) even on horizontal roof. The unique waterproof ability enables the use of color tiles in rainy area or on surface with 15 gradients 2) Superior intensity: the colored tiles have beautiful appearance, smooth surface, precise size and even density. The special protection coating on external surface enhances the decorative effect and protection of colors. The antiflex cracking intensity above 200kg is sufficient for constructors to walk freely on laid roof 3) Construction convenience: the tiles can be either vertically laid or transversely constructed conveniently. On common grade roof, the tiles can be settled without tile batten, which can only be done by compression molded colored tiles. The tiles can also be cut with wet method at any angle with cutting machine for different construction needs 4) Super high wind resistance: the tiles can be used for inclined roof between 15 and 85 gradients, 9 pieces for each square meter. The falling gradient is irrelevant to the inclined plane. The tiles have larger effective area and the construction is simple and flexible 5) Excellent heat insulation: test report issued by Japan Solar Energy Research Center shows that, during summer, the daily average temperature on the internal surface of roofing laid with compression molded colored tiles and tile battens is 71.4°F (21.89°C), greatly reduces the load of air-conditioner. The heat insulation is better than that of other tiles 6) Freeze-thaw test: the 25 circulation freeze-thaw test shows that the freeze-thaw resistance of colored tile conforms to JIS standard, far better than other tiles 7) Permeability resistance: since the colored tiles by compression molding with large-tonnage press have high density and low water absorption, its permeability resistance is far better than other tiles. The water penetration won't occur even in rainy and snowy areasFeatures of machine: 1) Adopts PLC automatic control, stable performance, high production, steady output 2) Uses mold presses to models, perfect product construction, many types, can satisfy various needs 3) Excellent function, little cost


Packaging Detail: container Delivery Detail: Within 20-30days after receiving the deposit
端口: Tianjin


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