Pu'Er Tea Bailiang

Pu'Er Tea Bailiang

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Under the microscope Guan tu san nang jun (Commonly known as the Golden Flower) Wild mountain tea Wild mountain tea - tea and tea seeds YSQ's tea leafs are from an elevation of more than 1000 meter high mountain wild tea leafs in Anhua Hunan province, traditional skill to make, pure nature no any chemical composition drinks, only china has it, only Hunan Auhua has it. It can digested from food, help body reduce hypoglycemic and oily solution and low pressure, lowering cholesterollevel, diabetes prevention, help body maintain proper blood sugar level, used foranti-ageing, reduce inflammations, as the medical testing. There’s no any type of tea can be compare with it in such health benefits. Why is the best quality of high mountain tea Generally, the mountains overlap, cuigang ups and downs, Jia-Mu lush, mountains, clouds floating in the mountain, almost all out of tea, such as Huang Shan Mao Feng, Wuyi, Mount Lushan fog, Silver Needle, the roof top of China, Tian Mu Shan Mao Feng and so on, are listed the top grade of tea over the world. Why is the quality of tea growing mountains in particular is good This mountain air, temperature, light, soil and other natural environment. We know the higher mountains, the more rarefied air, air pressure will lower. Tea in this particular environment to live, transpiration of tea to speed up accordingly, in order to reduce the transpiration of shoots, shoots itself had formed a resistance element, to curb the excessive transpiration of water, this is the tea resistin valuable component of aromatic oil. Meanwhile, the mountains are often diffuse clouds throughout the year, such as an annual average of 188.1 days Lushan was a foggy day, because of fog, tea time is short by the direct light, diffuse light and more light is weak, which is perfect for tea in the shade-tolerant behavior . Because mountain weather and more foggy days, the air humidity is relatively large, long waves are the clouds that blocked the back, according to less than plants, but short wavelength light transmission and strong, but light through the clouds to the plants. The tea light by this short-wave radiation, the material is conducive to the synthesis of aromatic tea. Tea cultivation in the mountains more concentrated flavor, is the truth. Second, the temperature difference between day and night, mountain areas, high mountains and low temperature, the growth of tea is also an advantage. Low temperature and slow the growth of tea, this will be conducive to the composition of tea, such as tannic acid, sugar and aromatic substances in oil accumulation and preservation. Another point is, the mountains where most of the tea plant in sandy soil, deep soil, but good ventilation, appropriate pH, with lush trees, leaves and more, make the soil fertile, organic rich. It is also suitable for the growth of tea and tea fine texture of a factor. In addition, a large mountain in the mountains, rarely man-made environmental pollution. Not contaminated tea, of course, is the quality good. YSQ story “YuShengQuan”stared from WanLi Period of the Ming dynasty, and the founder from ShanXi Province. They sale dark tea between Anhua and Northwest national minorities, after that, they moved to Anhua to establish YSQ tea business, and hired masters to make dark tea that was“QianLiang”tea. Also YSQ was the biggest tea business during Ming and Qing dynasty. The YSQ's tea still left some which was national treasure of China in Britsh Museam of England and the palace Museum of TaiWan. The YSQ's masters pass on traditional skill from generation to generation until now. They all were living in Bianjiang Village of Anhua. Now although everything was changed. The traditional skill still kept. Fortunately, the ninth generation Mr Liu Xiangrue is 84 years old by now with good health, he still teached next generations to how to make a good teas. We are not talent with not enough money and Greatest aspiration to take Mr Liu Xiangrue as ours master. Everything depend on traditional tea rule and law to make dark tea which is Qianliang tea. Let us can taste ancient dark tea's flavor again.


Packaging Detail: Height:62cm,Width:14cmBamboo within the packaging, packaging for the bag Delivery Detail: 10 days
端口: Shenzhen / Shanghai


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