LD2000-5 Stainless Steel multiple effect distillat

LD2000-5 Stainless Steel multiple effect distillat

石家庄市, 中国
石家庄市, 中国
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1.Made from quality stainless steel. 2.The Stainless Steel multiple effect distillationis used for pharmaceutical preparations and injection water 3.Distilled water production Outflow Capacity: 300L/H,500L/H,1000L/H,2000L/H,3000L/H. 4.Saving steam and water, Water quality high,water fast,distilled water quality auto control 5.Steam and water, using separated four time separation technology, to ensure distilled water heat source and endotoxin content lower. Multi-effect water distiller machine LD2000-5 Product Brief Introduction Guanyu tube multi-effect water distillermachine is Guanyu equipment companies rely on the company's own comprehensive strength, combined with Finland‚the United States‚Italy and so on at home and abroad advanced technology, and cooperated with the domestic famous steam expert Professor Lin Zaiqi of the Dalian University of Science and Technology (domestic multi-effect distilled water machine inventor), R & D production of high-tech products. Product Structure The product consists of 5 evaporator, 5 pre-heater, 5 vapor-liquid separator, 2 condenser, feed pumps, filters, control valves, flow meter, frame, piping and controller. 1. Evaporator Using tube falling film evaporation technology,to ensure Reverse Osmosis Water(Pure water)uniform distribution in the inner wall of each evaporation tube to form a water film evaporation. The effect of pure steam for the next evaporator to provide heat, its complete evaporation, liquefied form distilled water. 2. Vapor-liquid separator Using steam and water split four separation techniques(Steam and water centrifugation, underneath rotary vane clapboard separation, wire mesh capture water droplet separation, upper rotary vane clapboard separation) to ensure distilled water heat source and endotoxin content lower. 3. Preheater Using U-tube exchange heat, high heat exchange efficiency, good mechanical performance, long service life. 4. Condenser Unique double condenser design, special made multiway reciprocating structure,heat transfer fully, no need special cooling water, distilled water can reach the required temperature 5. Piping Pipeline design has no storage, no dead ends, low equipment failure rate, pipeline to connect using new type sanitary clamp connection both inside and outside mirror polish,neat appearance,operate quickly and conveniently. 6. Configuration Adjusting valve,Automatic compensation valve,throttle valve,conductivity meter, temperature meter selected domestic and overseas high-tech products, Beautiful appearance, complete functions 7. Water Source The equipment required the water source must be pure water or reverse osmosis water, any natural water or city water is infeasible. Advantages 1.Saving Steam Steam savings, efficient use of coal resources, saving rate above 20%. 2.Saving Water No need additional cooling water, save your precious Pure water (Reverse Osmosis Water) resources. 3. Output water High quality The produced water quality conductivity < 0.6us/cm, (GB<=2us/cm); bacterial endotoxin <0.125Eu / m, (GB<=0.252Eu / m) 4. Output water fast After open the machine 5 minutes, immediately produced qualified distilled water. 5. Distilled water quality Automatic control Intelligent Instruments continuous digital display the outlet conductivity of current distilled water, and can set the value of qualified conductivity. Automatic switching emission unqualified distilled water. Usage The equipment apply to large, medium and small pharmaceutical companies to produce the Medical Pharmaceutical preparation water,water for injection and so on, all levels of hospital preparation room, or chemical research institutes. Technical parameters Model Parame No.-ters Classification LD300-5LD500-5LD1000-5LD2000-5LD3000-5Distilled water Yield (L/H)300500100020003000Steam Pressure (Mpa) water (Reverse Osmosis Water)Consumption (L/H)330550110022003200Steam Consumption (Kg/H)60100200450680Purified water Quality(MΩ.cm)11111Multi-stage Pump Power (kw)0.750.751.11.52.2Dimensions (mm)700X1500X2450700X1500X2450850X1850X25001000X2200X28001200X2400X2800


Packaging Detail: Fumigation wooden box or as required Delivery Detail: 45-60days after receiving the deposit
端口: Tianjin


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