Haivli Noodles Quality Improver

Haivli Noodles Quality Improver

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郑州市, 中国
郑州市, 中国
Shijun Guo


Haivli-Noodles quality improverGluten intensifier—Modifier for Stewed Noodles is one of the Haivli gluten intensifier series. Modifier for stewed noodles is food additive remixed by gluten intensifier and gluten improving matters, which is specially used for flour mills to produce flour for stewed noodles. 1. Action and Function A stewed noodle is a kind of flour products deeply liked by the mass of Central Plains of China. The stewed noodles require the flour should be easily pulled without break, full of elasticity, even thickness, smooth after boiling, bright, without mixing with the boiling water and sticking teeth, flexible, tasty and refreshing, boil-proof and dunk-proof, etc. If you want to manufacture high quality stewed noodles, you must select good flour. The stewed noodles mainly use high and middle strength flour with good extensibility. As the unprocessed food grains, the gluten and extensibility of some flour are low, and can not satisfy the requirements of high quality stewed noodles, so, some flour mills adopt high quality wheat to process flour, or reduce percentage of flour, but all of which have high cost relatively. If the flour mills adopt Haivli Company’s gluten intensifier—Modifier for Stewed Noodles to produce high quality flour for stewed floor, the production technology will be very simple and the cost will be low. Improving quality of flour by making use of additive, the flour mills can get good economic benefit! 2.Technical indicators Physical Appearance: Light yellow,Fine,High fluency powder Moisture: % Less than or equal10.0pH value (5% aqueous solution): 9.0-11.0 Fineness degree(Through 165μm standard sieve,tailings): % Less than or equal10.0 Heavy metal(as Pb): % Less than or equal0.004 Arsenic(as As): % Less than or equal 0.0003 Description: Special specifications shall be made by negotiations. 3.Descriptions of Haivli- Flour quality improver—Modifier for Stewed Noodles Hygienic license, No. 001 of YWSTZ (1999) Standard. Q/ZHS 002-2007 Packing specifications.25kg/box (5.0 kg*5bags) Storage conditions.Store in shady, cool, dry and draughty place, avoid sunlight, damp and high temperature more than 40°C, and sealed storage. Transportation requirements,avoid dust producing and inhaling, and can not be transported mixing with toxic and harmful substances. Application range.Various types of noodle products Usage amount, the usage amount in flour is 1.0-2.0g/kg. Usage.Evenly add this product into wheat flour according to the level of use with Ingredient feeder. Shelf life.12 months


Packaging Detail: 25kg/box (5 bags/box) box size L:470mm W:330mm H:356mm20'dry freight containerL: 5919 mm W:2340 mm H:2380 mm 14000kg40'dry freight containerL:12045 mm W:2309 mm H:2379 mm30000kg40'high cube dry container L:12056 mm W:2347 mm H:2684 mm32000kg45'high cube dry containerL:13582 mm W:2347 mm H:2690 mm41000kg20'open side/open top containerL:5928 mmW:2318 mmH:2259 mm40'collapsible flat rack containerL:12080 mmW:2126 mmH:2043mm Delivery Detail: above3days
端口: guangzhou,shanghai , tianjin,yiwu,lianyungang etc.


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