fermenter with seed fermenter (ASME standard)

fermenter with seed fermenter (ASME standard)

中国上海, 中国
50 单元 / 月
中国上海, 中国
Lianxiao Huang


Capcity: 5L-20000L Pressure: 0.1Mpa-0.6Mpa Rotate speed: 50-200/400rpm for all scale Material: Contacting parts is made by SS316L, other parts is made by SS304 Agitator type: Mechanical agitator Surface finishes: Inside surface Ra0.28μ um - 0.4μ m by mechanical polishing or electropolishing Outside surface Ra0.4μ um - 0.6μ m by satin finishing Feature: Fermentor is simens' PLC control system, and this system adopts simens'human-machine interface(HMI) and PID control, which can measure and automatically control parameters of temperature, rpm, pH, DO, feed, foam and etc. It possesses functions of digital setting, quick validation, data display, data storage, data print, password management and so on. It has commucation connection which can communicate with computer. Struction: From lab scale to pilot scale, floor stand ,two differentfermentors vessel with one control systemRange: This series of products suit for various kinds of microbiology fermentation test, such as bacteria culture, vaccine, fungi, enzyme, environmental, agricultural, pharmaceutical, and micro biological ,etc. Equipment has the following features: Excellent stability and convenient operation. User can choose appropriate configuration according to fermentation process.Control parts for fermentor No. Parameter name Technical indicator 1 PH 1.On-line check and measure, and digitization fully automatic control; 2.PH, acid and base gang control. Peristaltic pump automatically adjust to feed acid and base; 3.Control range 2-12pH, measure precision ± 0.01 pH, control precision ± 0.01 pH; 4. It has auto alarm function. 5.pH sensor and signal transmission line. . 2 DO control 1.On-line check and measure, DO and rotate speed gang control; 2.Range 0-100% or 0-200%, precision ± 1%; 3. It has auto alarm function; 4. DO sensor and signal transmission line.. 3 Foam control 1.Automatically control and automatically alarm; 2.Eletrode check, peristaltic pump automatically add defoamer. 4 Feed control 1.Maunally control; 2.Automatically add according to fixed max. height . 5 Temp. control 1. PID fully digitization signal processing, digitization control settings 2. Circulating water automatically control temperature 3. Measure range 0-150 degree, control range 15-45 degree,control precision ± 0.5degree 4. Pt 100 Ω temp. Sensor 6 Rotate speed 1. Fully automatic control settings, With automatic alarm function 2. speed range, please checking the drawing, precision ± 1% 3. It is mechanical agitator, turbine type, vertical impeller 4. Speed:50-200/400rpm 7 Sterilization Manually control Automatic control(optional)8 Pressure Checking by pressure gauge, manually control, range 0-0.4Mpa. automatic control(optional) 9 Air flow Display on the rotormeter. automatic adjust(optional)Remarks: the table is only for reference, if client have difference requirement on the control points, we can also make according to client requirement.


Packaging Detail: Exporting wooden case or metal frame Delivery Detail: 3-4months
端口: Shanghai


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