DGJZZ-200 Electric distillation equipment

DGJZZ-200 Electric distillation equipment

石家庄市, 中国
石家庄市, 中国
Sunny Sun


DGJZZ-200 Electric distillation equipment Product Brief Introduction Electrical High-effect water distiller machine is GuanYu company on the basis of High-effect energy efficient Auto descaling water distiller machine, according to today's society to advocating environmental protection, energy saving, emission reduction request researched and development, using electrical energy replace the boiler to generate steam then matched with high-effect water distiller machine working together,one machine multi-function, is very welcomed high-tech products by small and medium-sized enterprise. Energy efficient High-effect Auto descaling water distiller machine possess national patent high-effect energy efficient new generation high and new technology product, patent number is: 98250961.8. This equipment is listed as high-tech products in hebei province. The equipment is GuanYu companies rely on their own comprehensive strength,solve the tower-type water distiller machine U-tube structure, cooling by water flow, structure fall behind,high energy consumption, water scale cleaning difficulties defect,development and production of high-tech energy-saving products. The product uses Metal expands with heat and contracts with cold and the Principles of steam, adopt the snail style spiral pipe evaporation, pipe outside cooling, automatic descaling new technology, make the water scale up to about 1mm fall off automatically,do not form water scale, high evaporation efficiency non-polluting, energy-saving good, this product meets the standards of the Chinese Pharmacopoeia, is the ideal replacement product of tower-type water distiller machine. Product Features 1- Environmental Protection Energy-saving,high efficiency, pollution-free. 2-Long life Automatic descaling,extended service life, ensure the water quality and quantity 3-Saving Steam Steam consumption 102% under air pressure in the 0.1-0.25Mpa, 18% lower than the Tower-type distilled water machine. 4-Saving Water Good saving water performance, cooling water saving water 60% lower than tower-type water distiller machine. 5-Saving Equipment 1) The equipment could directly use the natural water or city water,do not need pure water or reverse osmosis water. 2) Compared with Multi-effect water distiller machine,this equipment could save the early reverse osmosis equipment (Electrodialysis), mixed bed, which saves investment costs. 3)Electrical High-effect water distiller also can save the boiler equipment, and replace the boiler to produce steam power. 6-PH value Adjustable Using Temperature adjustment method to adjust the distilled water carbon dioxide and ammonia content, reach to adjust the PH of distilled water, adjusting value from 5-7 random adjustable. 7-Output water High quality The produced water quality conductivity could meet GB<=2us/cm. Working Principle 1. Access to the boiler steam,steam pass through the vapor-liquid separator, the water and impurity was discharged from the sewage valve, the pure steam enter into the evaporating pipe, make inside the distiller once distilled water evaporated into steam,steam pass through the membrane filter into the spiral condenser and cooled into distilled water, then outflow from exit. 2.Steam in evaporation tube after release heat, self-liquefaction, pass the resistance steam valve went into the water bucket, the water will be injected into evaporation boiler as add water. Usage The equipment apply to large, medium and small pharmaceutical companies, such as oral liquid, eye drops water and so on, all levels of hospital preparation room, chemical research institutes. Product Model No. 50L/H,100L/H,150L/H,200L/H.


Packaging Detail: Fumigation wooden box or as required Delivery Detail: 45-60days after receiving the deposit
端口: Tianjin


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