performance and function of XPE foam machine (chem

performance and function of XPE foam machine (chem

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Changzhou, China
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Changzhou, China
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Basic Information

XPE product is a new type of foamed plastic after LDPE material is chemically crosslinked and then foamed. XPE has better pliability than PS (polystyrene) foamed plastic, higher strength and better proofness than EPE, as well as better resistance to elements than PU foamed plastic. XPE material has good performance for secondary processing, and also can be compounded with steel plate, aluminum foil, sheet film, woven cloth, paper to turn into a new type of composite material. As a result, XPE products have a huge space to develop. It is because XPE material has so many advantages that this material is widely applied in architectural domain, such as roof insulation protective layer, water-proofing anti-freezing protective layers of underground engineering. In the industrial production filed, it is widely used in many machine rooms and a large number of pipelines heating and refrigerating, as well as water and oil transmission pipelines. The most use has been made of in automobile so far, mainly used in automobile interior trims, such as floor mat, overhead, trunk, as well as engine room for heat insulation, etc. It is also commonly used in culture, sports, toys for kids , all kinds of outdoor cushions, life jackets, sports protective devices, etc.Besides, XPE products can be widely used in the lining of bags and cases, as well as midsole for shoes. Characteristics of Foam Oven 1 Fan System: High efficiency low noise centrifugal fans are used. Stainless steel material is selected for impeller Fans utilize frequency converter to control the rotating speed for the realization of energy saving and nable matching . 2 Duct System: Based on Korean mode, measures are taken for our duct system to increase the number of ducts and enlarge inlet dimension, so as to control the wind speed within a reasonable scope. Make sure that the 30 times 3mm foam sheet can suspend above the central line of the foam oven. In the stage of foaming, we induce a lot of hot air into the rear of the inlet, so as to ensure PE sheet no together but can spread out in time in the case of foaming at an earlier time. 3 Energy-saving Measures for Foam Oven Mouth: The foam oven mouth is the place where the most of heat are eliminated. According to characteristics of derent products that we produce, a door that can float up and down is installed at the oven mouth. During the production of low multiplying factor products, the door may float down for the realization of energy saving. 4 Environment to Observe Foam Oven: For the existing foam ovens of Kore an mode and Korea-simulated mode, to observe the situation of foam sheet shall be from the oven mouth, while an observation hole is opened in the wallboard, so that we can observe thsituation of PE foam sheet at an earlier time.3 Main technical parameters equipmentMixer Machine TypeX(L)N55X(L)N75Power(Kw)75110output(kg/h)200 300300 450Pelletising Extruder TypeΦ120/12:1Φ135/9:1Power(Kw)4555output(kg/h)200 300300 450Sheet Extruder TypeΦ150/25:1Φ150/28:1Φ170/25:165/150one-step process without pelleterPower (Kw)160160180130output(kg/h)80 15090 180120 250120 250Horizontal Foam Machine TypePDXPE/IXPE-17PDXPE/IXPE-26Size(m)1726Maximum output(kg/h)180250Material thickness(mm)3 123 12Material thickness(mm)600 18001000 2000

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