HZLG "Three in One" Multifunctional Drie

HZLG "Three in One" Multifunctional Drie

Changzhou, China
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6 Set / Month
Changzhou, China
Runchao Wang
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Basic Information

(1) Description Vacuum filter, washing and drying multifunction Drier is designed and manufactured by our factory on the basis of absorbing abroad advanced technique, principle and characteristic of “three in one” equipment and combining domestic actual condition. It can instead of filtering and drying equipment (pump filter, press filter, twin cone drier and vacuum drying oven), it can complete all processes such as filtering, washing, drying and solid discharging within one set of equipment. It can be widely used for pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, agrochemicals industry, food stuff industry etc. It is the best equipment for filtering and drying, can realize full closed and whole process continuous production. Particularly it is suitable for the product that has the requirement of asepsis or the product with toxicity. The whole design is compact and its structural design is more reasonable and reliable. This machine could instead of imported “three in one’ equipment. This product has applied patent. (2) Principle The design of "Three in One" multifunctionDrieris twin cone type machine, one end is filtering plate and the other is washing and discharging port. The jacket could be filled into steam or hot water for heating. The body is put on the frame of machine through main shaft. One end of main shaft is the inlet of steam and condensation water, the other end is pumping vacuum port in which the vacuum state can be formed through vacuum pump or vacuum system, evaporated water can be drawn out by vacuum pump, too. Motor and decelerator are put at the frame of machine. Through the transmission of gear, body is reversing and material will turn over. It makes material mixing fully in washing process. During the period of drying, it can change the heating surface continuously and makes material to be heated uniformly to reach the purpose of balance drying. (3) Features Filtering stage: the product will be separated from mother liquid (vacuum pumping filter). The filtering cake may reach to 200-500mm Washing stage: the filtering cake will be purified further and the residual mother liquid will be washed and dehydrated. The filtering cake and washing liquid will be mixed through revolving and final formed slurry and suspended liquid filtering cake will be washed fully. Drying stage: after the filtering cake is dehydrated, it will be loosened through revolving. Meanwhile steam in the jacket will heat inner wall. The filtering cake will be heated through heat exchange. The moisture will be evaporated quickly and the drying effect will be reached. Accelerate the evaporation speed by drawn air out. The evaporated moisture will be drawn out through filling medium such as nitrogen; it could accelerate drying speed and improve drying efficiency. Note: If the equipment is equipped with a stirring device, under certain condition, it can complete the process of crystallization. The real integrative operation can be reached. In washing state it makes filtering cake and washing liquid mixed fully. (4) Features of equipment Being adapted integrative design, it simplifies procedure and reduces loss and raises the yield of product. Easy seal point has set double seal. The seal material is silicon rubber or Fluor rubber. The filtering material is filtering cloth, stainless steel screen or powder sinter plate. According to the need of customer, it can be chosen from 3μm to 50μm. The side distance of filtering cloth dead corner is 25mm in single side. The chassis is disassembling type. The seal effective can be reached through quick assembling bolts clamp flange tightly. The chassis will be disassembled by cylinder or fallen to the ground, and then pull out by trolley in order to clean filter plate. Body of machine can be rotated clockwise and counter clockwise. The rotating speed can be adjusted by inverter freely within 1-10rpm. Active shaft has automatic braking device. There are washing on-position, sampling on-position, steam disinfection. Prevent polluting product, could adapt the requirement of GMP. Operate at seal state. The product has no leakage loss and no pollution. Particularly it is suitable for material that has strong stimulating smell and toxicity. Being operated at vacuum state, it has higher evaporated rate under low temperature. Particularly it is suitable for drying material that is thermal sensitive or is easy to oxidize, it can also be suitable for drying material that contains solvent. Moreover it can recover solvent. Compact mechanism of equipment; occupy small area, simple operation. Large loading capacity, the loading coefficient could reach to 30%-40%. (5) Technical Parameters TypeVolume(L)Working Capacity (L)Filtering Area (m2)Specification of Filter Plate (mm)Working Temperature (°C)Power (kw)Overall Dimension (mm)HZLG-10001000300-4000.5Φ 80040-14042700*1450*2780HZLG-15001500450-6000.63Φ 90040-1405.52850*1650*2950HZLG-20002000600-8000.75Φ 100040-1407.53180*1720*3280HZLG-25002500750-10000.8Φ 100040-1407.53450*1800*3420HZLG-30003000900-12000,95Φ 110040-140113650*2000*3650HZLG-400040001250-15001.1Φ 120040-140154000*2100*3750HZLG-500050001600-20001.3Φ 130040-14018.54300*2400*3860

Delivery terms and packaging

Packaging Detail: Wooden case Delivery Detail: 60 days
Port: Shanghai port or others

Payment term

Letter of credit

Telegraphic transfer


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